Best the Best Best Best That's the Only Word I Know

Alright soooo its been a good week!

We had 'The Fear of the Lord' with Rod Thorpe, who is the founder of YWAM Newcastle.
We had lectures with him Monday-Wednesday with our Compassion DTS, the Classic DTS, and two DTS who were visiting from Sydney Island Breeze.
They came for YWAM Newcastle's 20th birthday celebration which was this past weekend! We had lots of great speakers and stories and fellowship. And it was all in a nice clean and almost fully renovated warehouse :)

We had off Thursday and Friday this week because up to this point we have been SO busy and they gave us a much needed break!
Thursday was a beach day- the weather was beautiful. We went to Bar beach and Merewether Beach as well. There are Ocean Baths there, which are pools filled with ocean water. Right next to the ocean. Genius.
Friday we did homework! Which was great because we did it at Darby street. Which is the best because this place is the best. This little adorable street that has heaps of local business. Cafes and stores. So good. We went to Frankie's first, where we finished the first portion of our homework. They serve you your drinks on a story book. Precious. Then we went to Lunch at Macho Nacho. Where you can eat burritos. Cheap and delish. Then we finished the second half of our homework at Honeybee. The cutest little patio outback. And then we went home.

Today is Saturday. It was youth street day here and that's the best! We first though went to the warehouse for Compassion lectures, where we watched Furious Love. Life changing. I never realized how serious and dark and real spiritual warfare is. But then how powerful and loving our God is. He wins, every time. Seriously you HAVE TO watch this movie. No exceptions, you have to.

After that we had a meeeting, and I found out my team! Mayfield Skate Park Connect. Which meaaaans, I go with a group of fellow YWAMers to the local skate park and make friends with the locals. I have to admit, I was suuuuper nervous but it went great! We did the 10 minute walk from the warehouse to the skate park, and before we got there we prayed and got words from the Lord. We walked over and the guys jumped right in to talk to the kids, while some of us girls decided to prayer walk instead. We walked a lap and prayed and asked God to do good stuff. When we got back, I then went with two people over to some apartments because one girl on the team, Sam, knew a girl that was in and out of being homeless and sometimes lived in one of the apartments. We went to find her to talk to her but no one answered the door. So we went back to the park and began more prayer walking. We came across a woman sitting on the grass with a cooler beside her and a cup of wine in her hands, and we struck up casual conversation. She said she was just in the park having a glass of wine and trying to find some peace. And after that she didn't have much more to say, except for, 'Goodbye now...' We took the hint and kept walking. We prayed for her and got back to the skate park to sit awhile. I watched these kids skate scoot and bike, and they are AMAZINGGG.. seriously. They do crazy tricks and stuff. After awhile Sam went back to prayer walk by herself and I saw that she went back to the lady. Turns out, when she passed her, she was bawling her eyes out. Her name is Sally, and Sam said that basically everything in her life that could go wrong, did go wrong. She prayed with her and also prayed for healing. Sally didn't come to accept Christ today, but a seed was planted. Please keep her in your prayers! We're hoping she will be there again next week!

Wow that was a novel.

So after that we went back and ate dinner with everyone at the Warehouse.... then.... Youth Streets got talent! Just a giant talent show that showcases the talent of the youth street crew. So good. Seriously these kids can do stuff. Impressssive.

And now I'm sitting in the computer room with Annie Greene being silent because it's 1:35pm here and tomorrow I will be 20 years old! Also I saw a mouse here and I'm scared to get off of the couch. Maybe one day I'll make friends with them! Probably not.

And here's some photos.

Thanks for looking/reading! Love you all! 
xoxo Vanes
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