Soo much fun here.
We went to the beach
had authentic fish & chips (SO YUM)
walked up to a lookout point to see a beautiful view and took some of the silliest photos I've ever seen
rolled down a giant hill
laughed our faces off
went to Australia Reptile Park and cuddled with every animal
kangas, koalas, KANGAS, wombat, wallabies, enchidas, platypus, dingos, spidahs, and NOT FROGS.
We ate pizza on the floor while watching the Lion King
then went for dessert in heaven. Actually, it's called Max Brenners. But I think its pretty similar to heaven.
And I got in a car crash, but it was the best because it wasn't real and we were just laughing so hard.
Yesterday (today in FL) was Grandpa Amos's birthday and so today (yesterday in FL) (THIS IS WEIRD) I got to Skype with him and other parts of the fam and my friends all sang happy birthday to him as loud as possible in the best accents. It was just wonderful!
I also skyped with mom dad and sibs which was just great too but my laptop died :( a
And I skyped Jackson and he ste while we talked. Still my same guy!

SO its been good! Seriously. We just ate pancakes from a jug (I'm gonna get fat) and now we are about to leave for church! Then coming home to get ready to leave! Train ride to Newcastle here we come! So excited to meet our leaders and the rest of the DTS. Seriously, life is so good.

xoxo, Vanessa


First Photos of Australia!

Okay here are some photos! It's going to be hard finding the motivation to post!....

 Breakfast at Chickfila before school the day I left (Tues the 25th)

Saying goodbyes.... Drew, Jackson, Mom & Dad, and my sisters

Coffee at the airport!

On the plane from LA to Sydney with Abigail and Haley! And a glimpse of our GIGANTIC airplane!

Enjoyed the perks of international flights!

Train rides! We had soo much luggage between the 7 of us so it made getting in and off of trains and to the right places a huge task!

Cars are weird here! The driver sits on the right, and they drive on the left side! I might have squealed a few times when passing other cars.. It's scary! Also Emma drives a stick shift, so she has to shift with her left hand. Andddd they call the trunk the 'boot' and the hood the 'bonnet'

Bacon at Subway.... strange! We had our first meal at Subway and it was pretty much the same minus the 'bacon' plus people but beets and carrots on their subs.

View from the train! So pretty here! 

A panoramic view of the living room in Emma's house yesterday. So far we've done a lot of sitting and talking, which I love! And drinking tea!

We played a few games last night and then had lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. So good :) by 8 we were all ready to get to bed! so by 8:30-9 we were out! Slept almost a full twelve hours and I thiiiink I can proudly say, I missed jet lag. I hope ;) We're off to the beach today and then a BBQ later! More photos soon! I love it here so far! :) 

xoxo Vanessa

See ya!

20 mins til I board.... What to do?! Blog post from my iPhone, of course! So excuse the awfulness ad misspellings, please :)

I'm sitting in the Tampa airport waiting for my first flight, TPA to LAX! So excited. The goodbye part was hard though. Oodles to good friends all say yesterday, then today to my brother Amos, at his school, then Jenny came over, then to my sisters at home, and last my parents and Jackson at the airport. I cried a lot. But thts old news, I could've told you that would happen.

But it's all good now and I'm sitting on the floor by a wall with an electrical outlet trying o suck up every ounce of battery I can possibly get in my phone!

Bad news though.... My watch jut started beepin again.... Every ten minutes! Seriously!?! I highly we fixed that two weeks ago!!!!

Good news though..... The guy at the counter switched my seat to a row where no other people are sitting!!!!! Yay thank you nice guy and God.!!

So I have ten minute and Il give you some photos from today then hop on my plane :) I CAN'T BELIVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! Gahhhhh. Pray for safety please!

Okay never mind can't do the photo thing. Silly blogger. Photos later I promise!! Goooodbyeeeee Florida! See ya in 6!!

Xoxoxo, Vanessa Rae


Today the calendar tells me that I leave for Australia in one week.


Seriously, that's all?!

Was anyone around when I started this blog?? I had ten months. TEN MONTHS! I could have made a baby in that time. Actually not really though. Cause I'm not married. 

But anyways.. that's a long time! And now all that time is passed and here I am, at the dining room table, writing this post and glancing over at my TO-DO list. Ohhh list. So many things on ya. 

SO. I leave in one week. There is a lot to do. And a lot has happened. I went to the Keys for a few days, forgot to mention that. I'm going skydiving on Friday. Pretty much my life is average.

I will hopefully have one more post sometime before then. 

My emotions are all over the place now, like I can't even describe to you what I'm feeling. Here, let me try: happy, excited, sad, worried, peaceful, anxious, stressed, THIS ISNT EVEN REAL LIFE. Guess that pretty much sums it up. 

Pray for me. I could use it :)

xoxo Vanessa

Two Weeks, Thanks, Pitchas.

First order of business: two weeks from today I will be packing my bags, getting everything together, remembering my passport, and most likely freaking out. I can't believe that I leave 2 weeks from today! It's unreal. Time flies, and I am about to... (ha. ha. punny). 

Second: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that had been praying with me and for me all these months!  My last fundraiser, on Friday, was a HUGE success and we made $2,500! SERIOUSLY. God is soooo good! Depending on where I go for outreach, I may need to raise more, but that is the minimum. What the world. Also thank you if you have supported me financially. It seriously means the world to me. This past year has been crazy and I have witnessed God do some crazy incredible things and it makes me SO excited for what's to come! 

Lastly: Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Sarasota sky. Best photographer ever. Postcards from YWAM Newcastle 

Quilting & sewing. Dad on a Jeep ride with the pups. My one year anniversary necklace from J is fixed!

 I like this guy. Bowling with 13 year olds. Jeep drivin. 

Two IGs from a photoshoot I did with Alyssa for thank you cards! So FUN. I felt like a real blogger. ha. 

Love you all and thanks again! Sept 25th is coming up....... ah!

xoxo V


Maybe you didn't read my last post (You should! Exciting stuff!). If you did, you probably read the part where I told you I have an Instagram account! People of the world, stoop kid left the stoop! As in, Vanessa got a smartphone. Or more specifically, an iphone. 

SO MY POINT IS. Whether you read my last post or not, I don't think you saw the part where I said follow me. Unless you are Amanda from We & Serendipity (Hi you're the best!) And you really should cause it's a great way to keep up with my life if you're interested in my life, cause I'm basically obsessed. Not with my life, with Instagram. It's too much fun. You bet your butt I will be instagramming everything in Australia. And if that doesn't make you want to click my follow button like NOW, maybe my photos will.

My gift to you.... 

I sound so crazy full of myself this is weird sorry. Just, here are my pictures OK?! 

Jacksy. Longboarding with Sharon. Amos's first day of school. Jackson is 21.

Newlywed's adorable apartment. Jackson's apartment art by me. Jackson and I at his 21st birthday dinner. My sissies surviving high school without me.

Bananagrams @ the Coffee Loft. Starbucks date. My 3 year old BFF. My 20 something BFF with her grandma shoes.

Little buddy. Before school adventures with the brother. Jackson's breaky. Took lunch to Cole on her birthday.

Coltypop, the ice cream scooping legend @ Dets.Family din on Cole's 18th. Spontaneous Putt Putt golfling with Jack. Fishbowl = best game.

Beautiful sunset. My VIPs. Ole pup. Drewby.

Facetiming educated friends. Lunching with friends. Fruit & Veggie drinks. Lemon water.

Sis & friends after a volleyball game. Lilies. Happy birthday to the other Cole! DREAM COME TRUE I SURFED! THIS WILL HAVE ITS OWN POST SOON!!!

Never matching ever at work. My babe, Brantley. Again, matching never. Cole's eyes.. hahaha.

Selfies are weird and awkward and not my thing, but it was for #FMSphotoaday. Jack thought he could to trick people into thinking these were my feet. Sunset: my address is 1876 Paradise Florida, for reals. I think this guy is the most handsome guy I've ever seen.

Dad & Mum make me happy and so does Ikea. Pool is too cold. Again, paradise. Jeep rides with Dad.

Food dye experiment. Love. Ombre hair martian. Friendsies.

ANDDDD I'm going camping in Australia. Sweet as! Not sure what that means, but it's an Australian term. Just go with it. 

Talk to you later, yo. P.S. I'm leaving in 3 weeks WHHHHHHAAAAAAT. 

I love everyone of ya.
xoxo Vanessa
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