Mr. Tebow & Miss Woothie

Shout out to my girl Jenny ;) Biggest Tebow fan ever!
You clicked this post because of the title and photo, right? Right. I'm so good at manipulating people into reading. Haha. Just kidding. But really, there is a Tim story here.

If you remember a couple weeks back, (I barely can!) I did a super long post about things. "When do you not do that?!" you ask. No comment. But anyways, I said I have a story about Miss Woothie.

Miss Woothie translates into Miss Ruthie, in case you couldn't tell. Miss Woothie is a wonderful lady who ran the preschool that Casey & Riley go to. So when I drove there everyday, we would always see Miss Woothie. Now Riley, he doesn't like people to look at him. Especially not Miss Woothie. So as we walked in the entrance and past her desk everyday, Riley would yell, "DON'T WOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!" at her. And she would always do it right back. Love her. 

So thats Woothie. 
And totally besides the point.

Towards the end of the period of my life where I was nannying, Woothie and the other ladies found out I was going to be done soon, and would no longer see them every day at 9am and 12pm. They asked, "Where are you going?? Why do you have to stop nannying for these blonde humans?" And I told them. I told them I was going to do missionary training in Australia with a Christian organization called YWAM.

And they were oh so happy for me! Why? For obvious reasons!

Tim Tebow is a missionary and was born into a missionary family! I'm gonna meet him over at missionary training in Australia, duh!! And yes, I will be sure to send photos to you ladies of Mr. Tebow and I together, of course! Jets??? Jets who?!?

In case you didn't catch my drift.. This was funny because, no, I will not be seeing Timmy over in Australia, nor will I have any photo ops with him to send back to the La Petite Academy Ladies
They sure did give me a good laugh though. And they're still expecting photos... I just couldn't be the bearer of bad news, ya know?? 

xo. V

Copy & Paste: QUILT RAFFLE!

So remember when I said blogging is like scrap booking for lazy people? But blogging really isn't lazy, it's hard work. But maybe I am some times. Therefore, I am copying and pasting this. That's right, copy and paste. Straight from a Facebook note! And remember wheI said that I made some raffle tickets?! Well, here ya go:

This is a fundraiser for me, Vanessa! All proceeds will go directly towards my YWAM journey to Newcastle, Australia. 

My grandparents, Amos & Lily Mae Wittmer, have generously dontated to me a king sized Amish quilt that was handmade and unused. Their idea to help me raise funds was that I sell raffle tickets for the quilt, and I will have a drawing on July 18th to see who the lucky winner of the quilt is! 

Tickets cost $10 each, or you can purchase 3 for $25!

Again, all the proceeds go directly towards my YWAM journey coming up this fall! If you have no idea what I'm talking about or what YWAM is, please copy and paste this: into your browser to see my blog, and the story behind how the Lord led me to choose YWAM at this point in my life!

If we live close, I will give you a tangible ticket! If we live far away, I will fill one out for you and put it in the raffle myself. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :) Also, if you would like to donate towards my trip, but don't want to buy a raffle ticket, you can do this as well! But above all, please keep me in your prayers! 

You can give/send me cash or checks for the tickets! My home address is:
1963 Racimo Dr.
   Sarasota, FL

For CANADIAN friends and family: The money can be paid as whatever $10 or $25 is in Canadian currency right now, don't worry about the exchange rate. 

P.S. free shipping :) Unless you live close to me, then you will get a personal delivery!

Thank you all! 
xo Vanessa Rae Wittmer

And there ya have it folks!! :) Comment or email me if you would be interested in buying tickets! And remember the prices: $10 per ticket, OR 3 for $25! Whatta deal. 

xo. Vanessssa 

Currently Crazy.

So this photo is basically my life 'motto,' especially to say to Jackson. He thinks I'm weird, but I know he enjoys it. And I like to do stuff like that ^ to him. Touching his face. Once of my favorites. Pestering him, love it. Jackson, he acts like he's not a fan of it, but I know deep down he thoroughly enjoys it. Are any of you like this?! I don't know what it is.. Especially his facial hair!! Okay, Now I'm regretting telling you this. I'm weird...... yeah. 

Anyways..... it's that time again! 


*Obsessing over SMOOTHIES! Can't get enough of them! My fav:  2 bananas, a couple spoonfuls of natural peanut butter, a little pour of almond milk, lots o ice, and a yellow mango or two! Blend it up and you have perfection in a glass. Seriously. 

*Working on getting to bed earlier. It's a problem. Last night I made a rule, computer away by 10ppm every night. I even said it out loud to Nicole. Tonight, it's 11:35... gahhhhh!

*Thinking about weddings, what else! Tonight I went to a bridal shower for Reagann, Jacksons older sister! It was sooo much fun! I just love her; she is so cute. She is getting married to Joel on July 15th, the very day after Lauren & Michaels wedding! CRAZY. I just love love and weddings. And I know that the weekend of July 14th & 15th I'm going to be bawling my eyes out. I'm quite predictable at weddings. 

*Listening to The New Testament. That's right, listening to it. Nicole has it playing on her laptop. Pretty cool, hey? 
P.S. Is it laptop or labtop? And does anyone else ever have a problem with that? Now that I write it out I know it's laptop, but still... p's & b's are confusing!

*Wishing for Indiana and my family! Specifically my Grandma and Grandpa! I talked to Grandma today, bless her heart. She is so sweet. We will be up there one week from tomorrow!! Woohoo!

Okay, now to bed. The rule for tonight is click the 'post' button and immediately sleep. Sounds good.

xo V A N E S S A

Lets Play a Little Game...

I'm going to throw some photos at you, see if you can figure out what I've been up to. It's like a game!!

 Worst day of his life: Bathing.

You guessed it, we gave our pups a bath! 
(Not like its a rare occurrence or anything).

That was quite possibly the best closed eye syndrome sequence, ever!!
 SHE'S GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN A MONTH! I'll open these ojos for that!

I hung out with humans that aren't my family or Jackson! 
(We had a lingerie shower for Lauren's upcoming wedding! Which means buying lingerie, which takes me back to this post.. Ring a bell?)

You guessed it, we saw aliens! 
(It was actually really fun, though I was in a terrible mood).

**Side note: I've been learning a ton from the Lord right now about some of the fruits of the Spirit. I was recently reminded (by my sis) about a sermon our pastor did a couple months ago, something about, "What do you let steal your joy?" And it really got me thinking.. Should I really let a long day of sometimes annoying customers and a 9 hour shift ruin my night and steal my joy? The joy that comes from the Lord?
 Psalms 118:24 says, "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." Philippians 4:4 says, "Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again; Rejoice!"
So I'm learning not to let anything steal my joy. Especially cause my joy comes from the Lord, and He is the very center of it! Thanks Pastor Rocky!

You guessed it, we remembered that Andrea received an underwater camera for Christmas!

Thanks for guessing and playing along! 
You're a peach, each one of you 18 followers! 
(And that's not the Detwilers craziness talking, its a term of endearment, I believe)


xoxo VANES.

P.S. If you're wondering why I keep writing about life and posting a billion pictures to this blog, when this blog is supposed to be about my YWAM journey. 
So, #1, This IS about my YWAM journey, and I post everything about it on here! There's just not a ton at the moment!) 
#2, this is fun, and I'm seriously enjoying it. I highly recommend it, actually! It's like therapy or something. 
#3, I will always be able to look back at these posts and remember what I was doing at this time in my life, what I was excited about, what I was doing on the weekends, etc. It's like a lazy persons scrapbook! (Except blogging is not lazy! It's hard work!)((But it's not as hard as scrapbooking!))(((I think but I'm not sure cause I've never done it))).

P.P.S Andrea and Amos left for Indiana a few hours ago! Please pray for travelling mercies for them!