Cause, Effect, and Currently

Today, I'm going to embarrass myself just a bit. 
"When do you not embarrass yourself?"
Is that what you said?
You know, you are right.
photo by Alyssa Shrock :)
EFFECT (bleeding lip!)
photo by Alyssa Shrock
These two photos are from the memorial day cookout the Harris household. Not sure what exactly happened, but Jack & I were sort of pushing each other around to get to the catch, and I was obviously about to get it, (wink wink) and the ball hits me in the face. Oh, about the face I made.....? I don't even know what to say. Except that I should stop doing stuff like that so I stop making faces like that! The second photo is the aftermath of the ball hitting my face... Bleeding lip! I was talking to Alyssa  after it had happened without realizing that my lip as bleeding, and there was just blood all over my teeth. Yummy. Vampire, much?


And now for the 'currently' part of this post, which is totally new and adventurous, rightThis blog that I follow, (though I have NO idea how I found it) always has 'currently' posts for me to admire. Today I decided to jump and do one myself. Here goes... 

Obsessing over MY CAMERA THAT HAS A FLASH THAT WORKS! Thank you, boyfriend, thank you thank you thank you! {I have a Nikon D40 that I love. Then one day in Costa Rica the flash stops working and I'm so sad. THEN almost a year later when I'm about to pay $250 to have it fixed finally, or much more $$ just to buy a new camera, or about $80 to buy a clip on flash, my loving boyfriend decides to Google, 'How to fix flash on Nikon D40.' A day later, it works!! And I couldn't be more excited. Honestly, I teared up. Man I love that guy.} 

Working on finalizing details on a quilt raffle to benefit my YWAM trip! More on that soon :)

Thinking About next week.. How I'm about to start full-time at Detwiler's now. Not sure how I feel about this! Also, Jackson starts his internship with Target on Monday! Super excited for him :) 

Listening to songs that have ukuleles in them. I picked up Andreas uke this weekend and have been teaching myself to play. It's addicting!  

Wishing for lots of things! {1}That the money needed for my trip would come in quickly so that I can be able to enjoy and relax the last few months I have before leaving. {2}That we (some of the other girls on the DTS and I) could figure out our plans for before the school starts so I can make my travel arrangements! {3}More time to enjoy the beach! I love Siesta more and more each time I go :)

Now that wasn't too bad, huh? If I was an experienced blogger, I would invite you to make a currently list today along with me, and to link up. BUT, I'm not at all, and I really have no idea what that even means.

HAPPY HUMP DAY, as they say. 
xx VW

Something Exciting!

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope you got the day off yesterday and had some fun! This weekend was a blur for me... With graduation and grad parties, it FLEW by! Luckily I had Monday off and got to hang out and chill a bit. Jackson and I went to the Harris household for a memorial day cookout. I had one of the best burgers I have ever had. (That always happens at their house!)

BUT GUYS. I have something very exciting to say! Actually 2 things. 


I went with Seven Corners Insurance, by the recommendation of YWAM Newcastle. I talked it over with my parents, and we got a really good deal! Covered with $0 deductible, which is nice if anything would happen to me. I wouldn't want to suddenly have huge medical bills to pay in a foreign country! But I'm so excited that I finally got it because then finally... 


Man, I love caps lock. Doesn't it get the point across that I'm SO STINKING EXCITED?! :)

Being granted my visa means that I now am legally allowed to go to Australia, and stay for up to a whole year, if I choose to do so. I had to pay $270, but like I said, it's for the whole year! 

How's that for awesome Paint skills?
I can't believe it's all coming together, and that at this time, a year ago, I had just graduated high school and had NO idea what I was gonna be doing in the future.. So nice to know God had a plan for me all along :) 

But anyways, now I am waiting for the 'getting ready to come to Newcastle' email. I think. I just am in awe that this is really happening! I am SO thankful for God's hand in my life, directing me exactly where He wants me to go :) It's all becoming so real, and every now and then fear begins to creep in, but I know this is His plan for me, so why be scared?! I'm learning to have faith!  Thank you, Jesus! 

xoxo V

My Quilting Endeavors: Part 1

So on yesterdays post we looked at DIY projects that Pinterest inspired me to do. One of those things was the Urban Outfitters quilt. Remember?
Urban Outfitters Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt
When I saw it on Pintereest, I fell in love. But not with the price... $149. 

I had been wanting to make a quilt. Like, really bad. My grandma Mae, (my dads mom) is an avid quilter. Her and Grandpa Amos come down south for 3 months a year. Sooo, while she was here, she said she would help me make a quilt that I could take to Australia with me (we didn't realize its hot in Australia! With no AC!). My mom sews and has quilted before, so I decided the two of them can help me get er dun (why oh why?)

I scetched out a design, based off of the Urban Outfitters quilt. Made it a little bit (actually, WAY more) simpler. Here's what I came up with:
Artist at heart.
So it looks heaps easier right? Right. Except for that one part. The part I don't know how to describe to you, after the black and white half squares. That part. The pink and black. That part looked very hard and we decided to take it out. Fine with me :) p.s I was going for the same colors as the Urban Outfitters quilt, but these colors were the closest options in my crayon box. 

Grandma, mom and I headed to JoAnns on a Sunday afternoon to take a look at fabrics. I was disappointed because I could not find exactly what I wanted, the colors in the inspiration photo. Especially the perfect mustard. But, mom and grandma found beautiful fabrics that were a bit different than what I was looking for, but still great. After a bit of convincing, we headed to the counter and the lady cut what we needed. How much did all of the stuff we needed for this quilt cost?


That's it! Which means we saved $100. Good deal :) 

So after a LOT of cutting and sewing, we have it pieced together. Yay! The border is all thats left for the front, and then we at stuffing, the back, and then do some stiiching. The bad news is that grandma left for north about 2 months ago, so I haven't worked on it since then. Once mom and I get some motivation, we will finish. 

Oh, for the back of the quilt, my mom bought a green and white floral fabric shower curtain from Goodwill! I love it. 

So here's the quilting journey so far in photos:
Cut cut cut....... took forevs.

Add some white.

Some yellow.
Some green.
Some CORAL. Notice the yellow has a bit or coral, and the coral has a bit of green :) 

Then we began sewing.
I messed up... Off of the middle black center square, the black and white quarter square is turned the wrong way. Ooops.. I didn't realize until I was home that night and looking at these photos.

My sweetie pie Grandma!
We fixed the part I had messed up, phewf!
Hi, Grandma Mae! 
Grandpa says. "Don't waste your film on me!"
All sewn together!

I love it.

There ya have it. That's all for now. I hope to finish it very soon! Have you ever tried our hand at quilting? How did it go, and can I see some photos/hear some deets? :) 
This weekend is graduation weekend at SCS! So there are a lot of festivities about to go down. Baccalaureate tonight, with a grad party afterwards for Logan, (Jacksons little brother) and then graduation tomorrow night. My good friend Tara is graduating and I can't believe it! That was me a year ago. Oh, and there are lots of parties to go to, which means free & delicious food! Looking forward to it :) Also, Don Pablos is reopening, and Jackson is beside himself!! This is his favorite restaurant ever (We love Mexican) and I'm sure we will be there sometime this weekend, if not twice. Oh! Best news! Monday is Memorial Day, aka everyone is off work! Wooohoo! Have a great weekend, friends! 

xoxo Ness.

Dropping a Pinterest Bomb: Doing it Myself

Lets do some Pinterest-ing, shall we? 

I'm hopping over to my DIY and crafting board, where there's lots of things to make/do, but never enough time... BUT. Here's a few things I have found on Pinterest that I have had time to try! I wish I had photos of my finished products. I will have to remember to do that from now on!
I did this to all of my friendship bracelet string... Can you say organization?
I once attempted a game day dress, but it wasn't as perfect as I had hoped.. I blame it on the sewing machine, not the seamstress! ;) My friend loved it and actually goes to USF, the college I made it for, so I gave it to her!
I DIY-ed some purple & white flip flops like these.
I made this buttoned frame for two different wedding presents last year. Loved how they turned out! 

Urban Outfitters Quilt, this was my inspiration for the quilt I started!
I helped my sweet friend, Lauren, do this easy craft so she could ask her friends to be her bridesmaids! This is the girl that I just planned the bridal shower for. I'm her maid of honor! Eeeeeek!
Used  this tutorial  to make a few headbands for new babies in the family! Even made one for myself... ;)
This photo inspired me to paint the silhouette of a buck with a Bible verse for my dad for his birthday.
This photo inspired Christmas presents for a few of my friends this past year.

I have done this as gifts MANY times... Never disappoints! :) 
I did this with the boys I nanny for... They loved it and so did their mom! She framed them and has them hanging above their beds :)
I made 4 of these scrabble coasters and glued them together to make a cup holder for Jacksons desk! It was fun to make them spell out meaningful words for us.

Okay, I actually have a lot more, but this is all for now. Isn't Pinterest great? I never realized until now how much it has helped me out!!

What are some of your Pintest-ing adventures?? I'd love to hear :)

Heading to the beach.... c:
xo, V. 

Men of Compassion

For my DTS, (I'm taking a guess..) there are probably about 20 students right now that are wanting to apply and go/already accepted. I am one of the accepted and I am going, Lord willing! But, out of the 20 students, every one of them is female! So, our leaders have called on us students to pray that God will bring men of compassion to the school with us! I guess quite a few people at YWAM Newy have felt the urgency to pray that the Lord would send at least 10 men to the school! So please join with me in prayer as we ask God for this. Spread the word and let everyone, men and women, know all about the YWAM Compassion DTS! You never know who God will use to bring people where He wants them! 

Here is a neat video that YWAM Newy put together, calling on men of compassion! Check it out :) 


In other news, Sean Rodriguez threw me a baseball last night at the Rays game. I feel so special, out of all 100 people at the game... haha.
(It was a Monday night game. Usually there are lots more peeps.)

But really. I still can't believe it happened! 

Lets do some Pinterest-ing tomorrow, okay? 

xo, V

Weekend Highlights

So it was a great weekend. Highlights including but not limited to..

1. Dinner at Two Senoritas downtown with Jackson and his mama, Jill. Great food and company! 

2. Hanging out with Jackson, Mike, Lauren, & Big Mu at Mike's house. It was very hard to hangout with Lauren though because I was keeping secrets from her! It seems like the only thing I could think about talking about was the secret! ...See #4.

3. Going to a Rays game with the Mayer family Saturday night! We won and Matt Joyce had a grand slam. So great. 

4. Sunday afternoon... a surprise bridal shower tea party for Lauren! It was my first experience planning a shower and I loved it! We (Lauren's mom, future MIL, step-mom, and I) planned a tea party luncheon bridal shower and kept it a surprise... for the most part. She is just too clever and kinda figured out was going on... ugh! But it was still so much fun! I would say this party is the reason I am so exhausted today. Lack of sleep due to the making of decorations and food!  

Here are a few photos from the party. If you know me, you know I love weddings, so this was right up my alley! 

DELICIOUS food... It was the perfect cheat day, haha.
The banner says, 'Love is Sweet.' The brides future MIL, Judy, gave me this banner and it had said "Happy Birthday" in blue letters. A few changes and this is what I came up with! 
Judy also had tons of amazing dishes and pieces for the tables!
Cheesecake stuffed strawberries and blueberry cheesecake chips by me, scones by Judy, cupcakes by Kayla, bars & peanut butter chocolate dipped pretzels (like a dream!) by Tami. 
Cucumber sandwiches by Pam, egg salad sandwiches by Steph, chicken salad sandwiches by Judy. I know I keep talking about the food. That's cause I love food and this stuff was amazing. 
Somehow this is the only photo I have of the bride! She's on the left, beautiful as ever. And with her is her gorgeous step sis Kayla, who is a bridesmaid! I love them both so much!
The women in Lauren's life: Pam, her mom. Judy, her future MIL. Steph, her step mom.
Tissue paper flowers that Nicole and I stayed up until 3am making! THANK YOU COLE!

Date Idea jar. I had guests write date night ideas down and fold them up and put into the jar. Now, when Lauren and Michael are married and looking for something fun to do up in Tampa, they can reach in and grab a date idea. I know mine were pretty fun, not sure if they will actually follow through though ;)
Shower libs: Wedding advice for the bride to be! My friend Alyssa designed these babies for me in less then 15 mins! She is amazing. Each guest at the shower filled one out, then read their advice to Lauren as she opened her gifts. It was hilarious! 

Anyways, it was a fun weekend. I love Lauren to death and I am so honored to be her Maid of Honor! They're getting married in less than TWO MONTHS! I can't wait! If you know them, you know it's been a longggg time coming for their marriage; even though they're both just 20 years old! Hey, when you know, you know! 

After the tea party I lounged around home the rest of the day, contemplating napping. Then Jackson came over and we giggled. A lot. That guys is a big-time giggler and I LOVE it. I wish I could record it! I am so blessed to have the most amazing boyfriend. Cherishing these last few months together before we are separated for 6 months is something I have enjoyed doing. I love you Jackson! 

I get today off from nannying, and we were going to go to Disney world, but decided against it as we had an exhausting weekend. So I'm hanging out with Cameron and Jackson, and tonight is girls night!!! We are going to the Rays game and I'm SO excited! :) We're also going to Moe's for dinner.. Which I am also very excited for! It's the little things... ;)

Happy Monday, lovelies.
xo, Vanes.