Some Things!

Hello, friends, family, and followers! I love you all. 

I have three things to bring to you today!

ONE.. Did you see my post about being homeless??! Check it out here: here

TWO.. Our outreach team is pushing for finances this week! That means we are fasting and setting extra time aside to pray and ask God for finances for our trip. I have been so blessed by my supporters and can happily say that I have 100% of my money, but some of my team still has a little bit to go! Combined together we have about $16,000 total until our team has all of our finances! We need to have them all in by December 18th. Would you consider partnering with us through prayer and finances? You may not be called to overseas missions, but God could still be calling you to missions through support! You can go here to donate! Thank you :)

THREE.. One very special guy, who was already planning on visiting me, showed up two days early! I was SO surprised! Shocked, actually! But so happy. I cried quite a bit. I'm so happy to have him here and experience a part of my journey with me! :) 

That's all for now! We have an outreach video coming up soon that I will post! Thanks for reading! Love you all! 

xoxo Ness

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