And by now you probably do too, if we are Facebook friends. If not, then I'll show you....

Okay awful quality, but... AUSTRALIA/THAILAND! I am soooo stoked! 

Last week, the third location was approved, which meant our 3 options for outreach were Latvia/Moldova, Australia/Thailand, and Bangladesh. So we were instructed to pray over last weekend and ask God where He wants us to go! We were also told to discuss it with our parents as well. 

In the back of my mind I definitely had Thailand as a place I wanted to go since before I even got here, but was still open to whatever God had for me! When they announced that Bangladesh was the third option, and that they would be working with orphans and homeless people, my heart sank because I thought that probably meant that's where I was supposed to go, because a few people have prophesied children and children's ministry over me many times.  The other two options, Europe & Asia, were going to be working with human trafficking. 

I prayed about it a lot, and talked it over with my parents and Jackson, and they all (God included) reminded me why I picked the Compassion DTS: I hate human trafficking. I wanna see it ended. So then it made sense. And it keeps making sense more and more everyday! I feel so at peace about my choice and can't wait to go! 

So anyway, we turned in our choices at 10pm on Monday night. The next morning our leaders told us we would find out sometime later that week because the staff needed to pray about it. 

But...... that evening we went to the beach for creative intersession, which was new, and they ended up revealing our teams to us! We went to the beach and split up into groups (which we found out later were our outreach teams) and took different parts of the city to pray over and intercede for. My group had the ocean bath, and we felt like God wanted to bring His light there. Sooo we chased seagulls and left encouraging notes and Bible verses around.  And that, you see, is creative intersession! 

After we were done we all went back to the meeting spot and talked about what God did and spoke to us. Then, Dukes (our leader) apologized to us all for lying because the outreach teams are already ready to be revealed! And the ones we are with are our teams! Ahhhhh! 

We went crazy. 

All the teams split up perfectly and everyone obviously listened to God! How great is that?! Latvia/Moldova has 2 leaders and 8 students. Bangladesh has 2 leaders and 6 students. And we have 2 leaders and 8 students! Our leaders are Dukes and Brock. The students are me, Annie of Ontario, Kiki of Ontario, Natasha of Ontario, Abigail of California, Milena of Switzerland, Nicole of Germany, and Jono of Australia. And me. I love my team! I'm sooo excited about what God is gonna do with us! 

We will be here for Christmas and New Years, then leave shortly after to somewhere in Australia for about 3-4 weeks! We will most likely be working with an aboriginal community, which is awesome. Then we will go to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the rest of outreach (until mid March-ish) do lots of stuff, including human trafficking! AND I CAN'T WAIT! Super excited! So here's photos from this night! 

Ocean baths!

 Jono, Neil, Nicole, and Annie!


 Nicole wrote this and let it fly in the wind!

 Jono' reaction to hearing he's going to Thailand!



Abs and Cole!

Milena & Abs

 Group picture! Left to right, front row Me, Abigail, Nicole, Milena. Back row: Duke, Jono, Natasha, Annie, Brock, Kiki

Sooo I think you can maybe tell, I am soo stoked about outreach! BUT I'm still loving it here during lecture phase and really not looking forward to leaving everyone :( This is my lovely group of ten, but there's still about 16 people from our school that we're leaving behind. It's all good though. 

In other news, our school is doing a faith project, where we try to raise money to buy something/fix something that will help the base in some way. Our project is... raising money for a new sound system for the Warehouse's performance room! We prayed about it, and I felt that God said He will provide $150 for me to give. BUT, I don't have money like that, so I'm bringing it to you people! Will you partner with me in prayer and believing that God will provide this money?? :) If you would like to help out financially, you can contact me! Thank you guys!

Hope you enjoyed this a bit! I will try to post more, really! 

Love you all! 
xoxo Vanessa.

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