So since I last wrote, I got older! And now I'm two whole decades old!

So on my birthday I got to do two very important skype calls.. 
-One to my whole family who had all the lights off and had candles and sang every birthday song possible to me! I definitely cried! I miss my family so so so much.... especially when it's my birthday and I'm 20 and they're not here to hug me!

-The other to Jackson! We talked for a good hour, laughing most of the time cause he looked like this:

Then I requested a song and dance and this is what I got: 

Sooo good! I miss Jackson heaps too.... buutttttt he will be in australia here with me in a month and three days! 

After skyping, my Mom texted me and asked me to take my friends to Macca's and treat them all to 30 cent cones for my birthday! Ummm yes! 

I can't exactly remember what else we did this day, besides hanging out and enjoying my friends and life here, and al the birthday wishes on my Facebook wall from friends back home! Oh! A bunch of friends did make my room all fancy....

 Our door!


 Hales and Manu


It was amazing! Everyone madea giant card for me and it was soo sweet, they also got me chocolate and bubbles. My school is the best, seriously, we all get along so well and have so much fun!

At dinner the Lewis House tradition is to honor the birthday people, so the next night (Tuesday) there were 4 birthdays to be celebrated! So after we're all done eating, they say whose birthday it is, and we all scream and yell and bang our forks on our plates for a good minute. Then, someone gets up behind the birthday person and affirms them (says nice things about them) and then the birthday person gets up and says a speech of thanks I guess but it's so scary! My heart was beating like crazy. 

So the evening of my birthday (Monday) a ton of us went to Max Brenner's for some chocolate! THE BEST.
 School leader, Dukes!
 Alexa & Emma

 Me, Annie, Hales, and Jeshica

 Choco lips

 ME AND KIKI ARE ALMOST TWINS! She's one day younger than me


 Neils on Wheels! He is awesome an drives us everywhere!

 Marls & Talea!

 Me & Mama Milk... aka Katie

 Me and Cassey :) 
 Me and France.... Stephanie!


 Me, Milena, andddd Josie!

Some creepy pictures there, hey? 

Okay so that was my birthday! The best day ever. I felt so loved and happy to be with all of these amazing people! I feel like this post is SO long, so..... if you come back soon there will be hopefully two more posts.... one about Lordship last week, and one about outreach! 

LOVE YOU ALL xoxoxox Vanessa

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  1. happpy birthday beautiful bambi :) know you are so loved and missed.

  2. You are so cute. All of these pictures look like you had such a blast. Happy Birthday.


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