I hardly know what to say on here, so I will make a list.

1). This week is Evangelism week, with Kel Steiner! I am in the process of learning heaps about evangelism :)

2). Last week was Holy Spirit week, with Raf Shaw! Oh my, we learned so much I don't know where to begin! We saw lots of healings, and we were prophesied over which was great!

3). We are in our EIGHTH week already....! Time is flying it doesn't even make sense.

4). We rearranged our room and it's sooo much better!

5). We are playing angels & mortals this week, where we draw a name out of a hat, and get to bless that person secretly all week. I pooped like 6 times yesterday it was weird. I've had sooo much fun planning stuff for my mortal, and it's been such a blessing receiving gifts every morning from my angel!

6). My hair is still curly.

6). That one wasn't that great so here's another: yesterday we celebrated thanksgiving (which is only an American/Canadian thing, apparently) and it was so fun! We all ate together in the hall and it was decorated so beautifully. We also sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and ate pumpkin and apple pie.

7). I am going to Brewarrina, NSW, Australia for three weeks, then Thailand afterwards for 6 weeks! 

8). In Thailand, we will be working with Lighthouse in Action. Check out lighthouseinaction.org for more info :)

9). We had CityFest this past weekend... so fun! Luis Palau came to Newcastle for the weekend along with some bands like Hillsong, Evermore, New Empire, Britt Nicole, Darlene Zceshchk(?). Luis gave the gospel message and I had the opportunity to pray with a few people after they accepted Christ! Our base was in charge of the Princess/Pirate zone in the kids section, and I got to paint mustaches on little kiddies faces! So precious. 

10). I just taught my friend Annie how to pee outside. (shhhh...)

11). And one more cause I just can't leave it out... JESSICA DE LANGE makes the best faces. 

Okay that was easy and pretty painless. I will try to do ten things a week :) 

BYE! xoxo Vanessa

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  1. Oh weird you pooped 6 times today? Seems a bit less than usual.

  2. Ok I love your blog! It's so adorable, just got reading your "about me" I can definitely relate crafting, blogging, Zumba and Instagram?! Love them all.
    I found your blog via Coast to Coast, so glad I did! Adding you to my blog list.

    Ashton from:


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