I've Been Here for 15 Months

It feels like it, at least. But in a good way! :) The Lewis House feels like home.

I just skyped Mom, Andrea, Amos, and Nicole and it was amazing. I miss my family so much.

We went to base retreat this past weekend. It was freezing most of the time and sort of hot other times. But the weekend was great. We slept in tents and cuddled up at night because IT WAS SO COLD. Remember I'm from Florida though.

At first camping was so scary and overwhelming because we got there and it got dark right away and we didn't know anyone and it was sad. But the next morning I could see and it was so much better! We ate a nice breakfast of peaches and muesli pretty much every morning which is my new favorite. After that we had sessions which involved worship and teaching. This part was so good except for in the beginning I could hardly stay awake. Not cause they were boring but because my eyes didn't want to cooperate.

The people that spoke most of the time were named Paul & Bunty Collins and they were the cutest little old couple I have ever seen. Seriously. Watching them together was the best. I just don't even know how to explain it. BUT they were awesome speakers and God definitely used them to reach us for sure. They have been missionaries in Thailand pretty much forever and was pretty awesome to hear their testimonies and be encouraged by them. They talked about the glory of God revealed using stories and examples from the Old Testament.

We had a lot of quiet time to spend with God too, and to listen to what He is telling us. We were instructed within our small groups to pray and ask God how He wants to use us this week and He told me that I'm going to be someone's shoulder to cry on this week. Not sure who or when or how, but I thought it was so cool how God told me this and is now preparing my heart for when the time comes!

A girl on my DTS, Natasha, broke her foot the day we left for base retreat and we prayed for healing and it felt a bit better, but still got very swollen and ended up turning really black and blue. She walked on it all weekend, bless her heart, and when we got home yesterday she went to the hospital and they told her it was broken! :( It's in a temporary cast right now and after the swelling goes down more they are going to put a cast on it. BUT. We are praying that when that day comes, the doctors are going to be shocked because it's gonna be completely healed! Today in worship I felt God telling me to go pray with her and the Lord also gave me the verse Acts 28:27 to pray over her. I told Natasha what God was telling me and I prayed with her. Please pray with us for complete healing for her foot! :)

K-Mart here is terribly amazing... Like Target except cheaper. I've been twice already and it's not good! But when I went yesterday I got to print out a ton of photos to hang in my room around my bed. I feel sooo much better now, having it up. I like to look at all of the smiling faces of my friends and fam, and smile back at them. Then my room mates ask again why I'm so weird. Haha.

Okay I don't know what else to say besides life is great and I'm having an amazing time. I'm so thankful God chose YWAM Newie for me because it's perfect. I will be back soon I hope with pictures! I need to take more pictures. Speaking of which, I need to buy a new lens! Because I don't have one at alll. And in a little but I'm going to my work duty, construction! Yay!

xo Vanessa

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