Hey friends! I finally decided to put my fingers to the keys and make this post happen! 

Lets see... We got back from camping. And we began the first week of lectures... focusing on The Father Heart of God! It was great. I have to admit, at first I wasn't so sure because I had a hard time grasping what we were actually talking about! Our speaker, David Stephenson, (who is the base director here at YWAM Newcastle) has an interesting way of teaching, which was hard for me at first, but by the end of the week it all came together and my heart and head were bursting with realizations about my Heavenly Father and His incredible and unconditional love for His children. At the end of the week (Friday) we had 'Openness & brokenness' where most of us took turns confessing sins of our past and sharing our stories. We prayed for and encouraged each other. It was an amazing time and I really think it brought us all much closer together, and also brought lots of freedom!

This past weekend we had our first Youth Street event! Youth Street is a program that began here at YWAM Newcastle and has since spread all over Australia and a few other places, even Mexico. It's a Saturday program where kids (known as the crew) around ages 12-18 come and hangout with YWAM students and staff. In the afternoon there are teams- skate, scoot, dance, museart, surf, and sport. Kids can join a team and hang out from 2-5. Then around 5:30 we gather for community dinner, and after that is Youth Street Live, where there's live worship and a message. After thaaaat is After Hours, where the crew can hang out in the hall and dance, or the cafe where open mic happens. This past weekend there were no teams, just an awesome scavenger hunt, then dinner, YS Live, and after hours. It was so much fun! The classic DTS got to help on the scavenger hunt, and the compassion DTS (My school) helped build at the warehouse. But we all got to participate in dinner, YS live, and after hours. I loved it so much and cant wait for the next one! We don't have it this weekend because......

It's YWAM Newcastle's 20th birthday celebration this weekend! That means party. That also means lots of work, because the place we are having the party is under construction and there is so much to be done! Its at our warehouse, which is about a 15 minute walk from the Lewis House, where we live. So its a giant warehouse. And all of the offices and whatnot are there. There's also a large 'performance room' where commisioning and public meetings happen. But its all under construction and everything is getting bigger and better and prettier and its super exciting! I go there for work duties everyday to help with the construction. Today I'll take some pictures :) 

This week our lectures are about the character and nature of God, and our speaker is Steve Aherne, National Director of YWAM Australia. He has seriously opened my eyes to all kinds of new views about God that I never thought of before. In a good way :) Today and yesterday he really explained the Trinity, or the 'Trinity Brothers' as he calls it, in a way that makes so much sense. It's three in one, but they are like seperate people. Sort of. I guess I'm not too good at explaining it, but the way he said it made so much sense! I can't wait to learn more tomorrow.

Let's see... more news....

On Sunday I tried out a local church.. and it's not 'the one.' It's gonna be challenging to find the right fit for me, because Bay Shore Mennonite is all I've ever known! And I really miss it! But I'm gonna keep searching. Anyways... after that we went to lunch on Darby Street, which is an amazing street that seems to be 'the place' to go. SO cute. Little cafes and secondhand shops everywhere. Love it. We ate at a Mexican place which was so great!! I missed burritos! We thought at first that we'd stay on Darby street after lunch and explore, but we decided to go home, grab our homework, then go back to Darby Street to do our homework. Golden. We found a coffee shop that had an outdoor patio out back. We sat there for almost 4 hours doing homework! It was great because there was no internet connection and nothing to distract us. Except the menu. Which we used to motivate ourselves ;) BUT, we still didn't finish all of our homework! We had so much! I had to work on it more on Monday. And I eventually finished. This week.... homework and a book report! WOO!

Uhhh, my friend Haley cut off a chunk of my hair. I told her to do it. Now it hangs above her bed. 

We met a random guy on the street and invited him to the 20th birthday celebration. We'll see what happens.

Andddd last night water came pouring out of my nose while playing a game cause I was laughing too much! Guess that means all is good here and I'm loving it :) 

So thanks for checking in. This was probably super boring cause there are no pictures and that's the best part, BUT probably next post there will be fantastic pictures because I BOUGHT A NEW LENS FOR MY CAMERA! AND IT SHOULD BE HERE BY TOMORROW! And I'm only a little bit excited, you can probably tell. 

That's all for now. And special shout out to Dad, Mom, Mom's patient Annette, the sibs, Jackson, Ethos, friends, Indiana family, Canada family, Bay Shore Menno, Sarasota, and beyond.Love you all. have an awesome week! 

xo Vanessa

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  1. i have a chunk of your hair above my bed too!! jk. maybe ;)


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