Two Weeks, Thanks, Pitchas.

First order of business: two weeks from today I will be packing my bags, getting everything together, remembering my passport, and most likely freaking out. I can't believe that I leave 2 weeks from today! It's unreal. Time flies, and I am about to... (ha. ha. punny). 

Second: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that had been praying with me and for me all these months!  My last fundraiser, on Friday, was a HUGE success and we made $2,500! SERIOUSLY. God is soooo good! Depending on where I go for outreach, I may need to raise more, but that is the minimum. What the world. Also thank you if you have supported me financially. It seriously means the world to me. This past year has been crazy and I have witnessed God do some crazy incredible things and it makes me SO excited for what's to come! 

Lastly: Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Sarasota sky. Best photographer ever. Postcards from YWAM Newcastle 

Quilting & sewing. Dad on a Jeep ride with the pups. My one year anniversary necklace from J is fixed!

 I like this guy. Bowling with 13 year olds. Jeep drivin. 

Two IGs from a photoshoot I did with Alyssa for thank you cards! So FUN. I felt like a real blogger. ha. 

Love you all and thanks again! Sept 25th is coming up....... ah!

xoxo V

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1 comment:

  1. Your blog makes me so so excited for YWAM (well, more excited. I was already stoked!)
    And now I know more names of people than just you! haha.
    It's so close!
    God is so good. I'm also so excited that I'll be living in a place with streets and concreted ground. I'm going to start my search for a skateboard pronto!

    God bless. Jono


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