See ya!

20 mins til I board.... What to do?! Blog post from my iPhone, of course! So excuse the awfulness ad misspellings, please :)

I'm sitting in the Tampa airport waiting for my first flight, TPA to LAX! So excited. The goodbye part was hard though. Oodles to good friends all say yesterday, then today to my brother Amos, at his school, then Jenny came over, then to my sisters at home, and last my parents and Jackson at the airport. I cried a lot. But thts old news, I could've told you that would happen.

But it's all good now and I'm sitting on the floor by a wall with an electrical outlet trying o suck up every ounce of battery I can possibly get in my phone!

Bad news though.... My watch jut started beepin again.... Every ten minutes! Seriously!?! I highly we fixed that two weeks ago!!!!

Good news though..... The guy at the counter switched my seat to a row where no other people are sitting!!!!! Yay thank you nice guy and God.!!

So I have ten minute and Il give you some photos from today then hop on my plane :) I CAN'T BELIVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! Gahhhhh. Pray for safety please!

Okay never mind can't do the photo thing. Silly blogger. Photos later I promise!! Goooodbyeeeee Florida! See ya in 6!!

Xoxoxo, Vanessa Rae

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  1. So I saw all of your adorable pictures on Instagram. And suddenly..I was freaking out at how fast that flew by. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all of your stories! I miss you already. Hahaha!

    Amanda @


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