Maybe you didn't read my last post (You should! Exciting stuff!). If you did, you probably read the part where I told you I have an Instagram account! People of the world, stoop kid left the stoop! As in, Vanessa got a smartphone. Or more specifically, an iphone. 

SO MY POINT IS. Whether you read my last post or not, I don't think you saw the part where I said follow me. Unless you are Amanda from We & Serendipity (Hi you're the best!) And you really should cause it's a great way to keep up with my life if you're interested in my life, cause I'm basically obsessed. Not with my life, with Instagram. It's too much fun. You bet your butt I will be instagramming everything in Australia. And if that doesn't make you want to click my follow button like NOW, maybe my photos will.

My gift to you.... 

I sound so crazy full of myself this is weird sorry. Just, here are my pictures OK?! 

Jacksy. Longboarding with Sharon. Amos's first day of school. Jackson is 21.

Newlywed's adorable apartment. Jackson's apartment art by me. Jackson and I at his 21st birthday dinner. My sissies surviving high school without me.

Bananagrams @ the Coffee Loft. Starbucks date. My 3 year old BFF. My 20 something BFF with her grandma shoes.

Little buddy. Before school adventures with the brother. Jackson's breaky. Took lunch to Cole on her birthday.

Coltypop, the ice cream scooping legend @ Dets.Family din on Cole's 18th. Spontaneous Putt Putt golfling with Jack. Fishbowl = best game.

Beautiful sunset. My VIPs. Ole pup. Drewby.

Facetiming educated friends. Lunching with friends. Fruit & Veggie drinks. Lemon water.

Sis & friends after a volleyball game. Lilies. Happy birthday to the other Cole! DREAM COME TRUE I SURFED! THIS WILL HAVE ITS OWN POST SOON!!!

Never matching ever at work. My babe, Brantley. Again, matching never. Cole's eyes.. hahaha.

Selfies are weird and awkward and not my thing, but it was for #FMSphotoaday. Jack thought he could to trick people into thinking these were my feet. Sunset: my address is 1876 Paradise Florida, for reals. I think this guy is the most handsome guy I've ever seen.

Dad & Mum make me happy and so does Ikea. Pool is too cold. Again, paradise. Jeep rides with Dad.

Food dye experiment. Love. Ombre hair martian. Friendsies.

ANDDDD I'm going camping in Australia. Sweet as! Not sure what that means, but it's an Australian term. Just go with it. 

Talk to you later, yo. P.S. I'm leaving in 3 weeks WHHHHHHAAAAAAT. 

I love everyone of ya.
xoxo Vanessa

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  1. pussycat, pussycat i love you. yes, i do.

  2. Well in 3 weeks, I want to be you. You better take a picture with some kangarooooos for me. haha! And i love your instagram pictures. They so cuteeee yeah.

  3. So excited to be your newest follower! I found your blog from over on Momma's me time on her sidebar :) I just got done reading your about me section and 2 things: we both say "" and we both love Jesus! Love commonality. Especially that last one :) nice to "meet" ya!


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