First Photos of Australia!

Okay here are some photos! It's going to be hard finding the motivation to post!....

 Breakfast at Chickfila before school the day I left (Tues the 25th)

Saying goodbyes.... Drew, Jackson, Mom & Dad, and my sisters

Coffee at the airport!

On the plane from LA to Sydney with Abigail and Haley! And a glimpse of our GIGANTIC airplane!

Enjoyed the perks of international flights!

Train rides! We had soo much luggage between the 7 of us so it made getting in and off of trains and to the right places a huge task!

Cars are weird here! The driver sits on the right, and they drive on the left side! I might have squealed a few times when passing other cars.. It's scary! Also Emma drives a stick shift, so she has to shift with her left hand. Andddd they call the trunk the 'boot' and the hood the 'bonnet'

Bacon at Subway.... strange! We had our first meal at Subway and it was pretty much the same minus the 'bacon' plus people but beets and carrots on their subs.

View from the train! So pretty here! 

A panoramic view of the living room in Emma's house yesterday. So far we've done a lot of sitting and talking, which I love! And drinking tea!

We played a few games last night and then had lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. So good :) by 8 we were all ready to get to bed! so by 8:30-9 we were out! Slept almost a full twelve hours and I thiiiink I can proudly say, I missed jet lag. I hope ;) We're off to the beach today and then a BBQ later! More photos soon! I love it here so far! :) 

xoxo Vanessa

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  1. Can't wait to be with you all! Love ya <3

    1. Ahhh same here!! So excited to meet you FINALLY :):) Love you too!


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