Soo much fun here.
We went to the beach
had authentic fish & chips (SO YUM)
walked up to a lookout point to see a beautiful view and took some of the silliest photos I've ever seen
rolled down a giant hill
laughed our faces off
went to Australia Reptile Park and cuddled with every animal
kangas, koalas, KANGAS, wombat, wallabies, enchidas, platypus, dingos, spidahs, and NOT FROGS.
We ate pizza on the floor while watching the Lion King
then went for dessert in heaven. Actually, it's called Max Brenners. But I think its pretty similar to heaven.
And I got in a car crash, but it was the best because it wasn't real and we were just laughing so hard.
Yesterday (today in FL) was Grandpa Amos's birthday and so today (yesterday in FL) (THIS IS WEIRD) I got to Skype with him and other parts of the fam and my friends all sang happy birthday to him as loud as possible in the best accents. It was just wonderful!
I also skyped with mom dad and sibs which was just great too but my laptop died :( a
And I skyped Jackson and he ste while we talked. Still my same guy!

SO its been good! Seriously. We just ate pancakes from a jug (I'm gonna get fat) and now we are about to leave for church! Then coming home to get ready to leave! Train ride to Newcastle here we come! So excited to meet our leaders and the rest of the DTS. Seriously, life is so good.

xoxo, Vanessa


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