Haiti 2012: Day1

So I'm going to break up my Haiti trip into a few different posts, because I'm charge here and I can. Sound good? Kay.

From the beginning.... Sunday night we (a bunch of awesome girls) went over to my friend Jenny's to watch the bachelorette finale, and can I just say we were SO happy she sent home  Arie and chose a lifetime of happiness with Jef with one F!!! So happy. After that I came home home and brought Drew and Kayla with me. We sat at my house and chatted until 1am, when it was time to go meet up with the group to leave for the airport! We flew out of Ft. Lauderdale, which is about a 3 hour drive in the wee early hours of the morning, with no traffic. My Dad came on this trip, and I rode in his van to the airport to attempt keeping him awake for the drive... I'm not so good at that! I probably slept for an hour!

We got to the airport and it took forever to get our bags checked in and all that fun stuff, so we played ninja! Have you ever played? It's seriously so fun! 

 Pre-take off, with my seat buddies, Brad & Adam. 

Post landing! Justin & Dillon.

Sisters! Alyssa & Erika

Brothers! Brandon & Justin. This was on the tram that takes us from the plane to customs and baggage. I don't have pictures from that part, but like I've said in my other Haiti posts (Haiti 2008 & Haiti 2010) it's crazy. Just a big open room with no AC, and tons of people running around, in a sort of organized fashion. Luckily, we made it out alive with ALL of our luggage :) 

Once we got outside of the airport, we saw our contacts, who led us to our transportation! We had this big box truck for our luggage and team bags.

Some of the boys rode on this Tap-Tap, which is a Haitian taxi. My friend Drew and I were going to ride too, but the driver made us get off and look at the tires, that were practically flat. Then he asked us to find another ride! Haha.

 Chase & Kayla in the back of CFM's truck! This was our main mode of transportation. I think one day we fit 22 people in, between the cab and bed! 

We got to the mission house, CFM's  compound, basically, and were surprised that all the kids weren't there to greet us! But eventually they came, and we hugged and played games! Us girls walked down to  see the deaf lady, Rosemene, at her house. We found most of the kids in her neighborhood and to my delight they remembered me! I couldn't believe it! I remembered them too though. These children are so so special to me. 

After playing and trying my hardest to stay awake, I finally decided to take a quick nap. I slept only 5 minutes, but felt SO much better after I got up! I wanted to get up because a group of us were going to visit the girls orphanage! In the two other times I had been there, there were no girls yet, but the orphanage was being prepared for them. It was so great to see the girls we had prayed for all that time filling the orphanage with joy! 

The photo above is of Jalayne and her son, Miles. She and her husband, Jared, run the girls orphanage and do a great job! They are retiring, if that's what you would call it, this coming October! The new couple is already moved in and learning how the job is done.  

A view from the upper deck, looking down to Shelsie, my sweet little friend. The kids always waited us to finish eating dinner or having worship/devotions so we could come down and play with them! 

View of the city of Port-Au-Prince, from the top. Such a beautiful place, even as a 3rd world country. I still love it!

We were all so tired on day one after travelling all day... Notice Dillon yawning. Or maybe he's hungry?

Youvicka being the sneaky little girl she is.. She's not supposed to come up! ;) And yes, that really is how you spell her name..


Dave showing off his dance moves! Waiting for us to come down and play. See the big blue gate and the tall walls? Almost all of the houses have huge concrete walls around them, most with barbed wire and broken glass at the top. High tech security, right there!

So that's the end of the first day in photos.. If I remember right, we had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for dinner, and I went to sleep around 8:30 and slept like a brick! That's all for day one! Day two hopefully to come soon ;) 

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