Haiti 2012: Day 3

So here's some more photos! Sorry posts have been so sparse... I miss blogging :( 

But life is busy in a good way! I am enjoying spending all the time I can with family and friends before the big adventure! It's starting to sink in that I'm leaving for 6 MONTHS! I can't believe it. Only 49 days until the actual DTS starts. Wow. 

Anyways.. Here are some photos from day 3. There are not that many. My friend, Alyssa, is a profesh photog! So I pretty much left my camera in my backpack and let the girl work her magic! I can't wait to see all she got! :) 

 This is Wednesday evening.. the guys got together a whole bunch of money.. over $200, to bribe Dillon to shave all of the hair on his body.. Head, eyebrows, arm, legs, pits, etc. The guys that didn't have cash put their credit cards down as a promise that they would pay once we got back to the states.


 Mug shot of 'before' but he ended up not doing it! Chickeeeeen. 

Alyssa & Rosalinda. Rosalinda is an amazing singer. She's pretty funny too; we always laugh a lot with her and come home with a new Creole song to sing in church!  

 Outside of CFM's Mission House. We hung out here every night.

These two cuties are just precious. They are sisters, and I realllllly don't know how to spell their names... 

 The girls with their sweet Mama. She loved to hug and kiss us every time we met.

 Hanging out with the kiddies :) 

 So 5 of the boys ended up shaving their heads bald. But first, of course, they had to try some fun styles.

 After we had all showered and had gotten ready for bed, us girls were in the kitchen doing our hair, when some of the guys came in complaining of itchy heads. 

Solution? Lotion, of course! Gloria told Drew there was a big bottle in the bathroom, so she grabbed it and handed it over to the boys. They put it all over their heads, and some on their arms, and walked away. 

A couple minutes later they were back, wondering what the heck kind of lotion was that?!? Why isn't it rubbing in?! So I look at the label.... Oh. It's body wash. 



xoxo Vanessa.

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  1. Love to hear your new, enjoyed your pictures!!!! God bless, Lots of love.
    Dorathea Sandland

  2. Love to hear your news and enjoyed your photographs!!!!!!
    God bless,
    Lots of love!
    Dorathea Sandland


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