Haiti 2012: Day 2

Welcome back, friends! Today is Haiti day 2! Lets see what I can remember... 

(pst.. If you missed day 1 you can see it here!)

We had been given instructions the night before to wake up and eat breakfast, do devotions, and be ready for the day by 8:30 every morning. So I woke up, (not sure how, maybe just from all the noise of sharing a house with 25 people) ate some frosted flakes with my dad, did devotions, got ready. 

This was the first day of work. There were two tasks to finish for the week: Re-paint the boys orphanage, and re-do the mission house kitchen.

I have painted the boys orphanage a total of two times before, and don't get me wrong- I don't mind painting at all and I love to see the boys at the orphanage. BUT renovating a kitchen? Right up my alley! So I stayed back with most of the grown ups and about 6 of the guys. 

And no, I didn't get a before or after photo! What the heck is my problem?!?!

Chase and Adam helping bring that wall down!

There's Charlene!

Brandon, Dad, & Charlene. 
 This was the cabinet and kitchen sink we removed.. It just chilled outside for a couple days.

The bedroom closet made the kitchen smaller ad much more awkward-looking. So, out with the closet and in with the bigger kitchen!

 The bedroom exposed! This is where the girls slept (there were only 5 of us!) along with Randy & Gloria, and Kayla's husband, Chase (The married couples). All of the rest slept in the big room to the left of the kitchen.

 Charlene! Love her :) 

 Brandon removing the bathroom wall

 Adam 'eating' one of the MANY cockroaches we found.... Yick. Charlene & Gloria freaked when one of the walls came down and roaches poured out. I wasn't exactly excited to see the roaches either..

 To the left of the 2x4 is the kitchen, and to the right is Chase with a hammer. And the bathroom.

 We had to remove the studs because they were rotten and infested with roaches and termites :( It was tricky because we had to be careful with all of the wiring going on within the studs. 

 Us girls were sure to cover up our beds with extra sheets before the demolition began.. No one likes to sleep in a dirty bed! 

 Lunch break! PB&J, what else?

 Gloria & Charlene. They are sisters and both amazing cooks! 

 All the walls completely removed... Time to make the new ones! Lining up the new studs.

 My Daddy.. He is such a hard worker! 

 New studs are up! And that completes the first day of work! I spent most of the time cleaning up after the boys. There was lots of sawdust, and just crap everywhere! I also wiped down and cleaned the walls with bleach water, which was definitely needed. We did pretty well and got a lot done. 

 I went outside when we were done and hung out with my friendsies, waiting for the rest of the group to get back from painting the orphanage. The kids all love to sing, especially songs in English :) They knew, 'Our God is an Awesome God' and 'Hallelujah (Worthy is the Lamb)' but the best part was the way they would sing it. They would snap, sway, add in little extra parts to jazz it up.. So cute. And the way they would sing.. 'Woudy iz da Laaaa... Woudy iz da Laaaa... A-a-a-mayyy' (Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb, Amen. I could just listen to them all day. I know God could too :) 

 Michelot (Meesh-low) he was my little buddy. He is soo sweet. He is 8 years old, and he can harmonize like nobody's business.
 Linose  (Lee-nose). She is sweet as well but can be a little bit naughty. These kids are quick to fight (each other, not us) and a lot of the older ones, 10 and up, would try to get away with stuff. But she could still be a little sweetie when she wanted :) Especially when singing!

Alyssa Shrock's instagram photo of us girls at the Visa. Left to right: Alyssa, Erika, Drew, me, Kayla. I had SO much fun with these girls! It was great to have a small group of us because we really got so close!
That night, since the kitchen was totally inaccessible for cooking, we all went to the Visa Lodge for pizza! The Visa is pretty close to the mission house, and it's a really nice place, compared to the rest of the city. It's really a treat. We had pepperoni & goat cheese pizza, and we each got to have 1 drink. They happen to have amazing raspberry sweet tea. Yum.

We were there for awhile, then headed home to hangout with the people that hangout at the mission house. Every night that we are there, it seems like the whole neighborhood comes over to see the 'blans' (whites). Haha. I always love the evenings because it's a blast to just meet new people and learn as much as I can about Haiti and it's language, while sharing God's love to these people. 

We also did worship and devotions on the top of the mission house, which is always such a wonderful experience. Nothing like praising the Creator while being in the midst of a broken city, where His love for the people is so present. 

I know we all conked out pretty early that night, after a hard days work. I will be back with day 3 soon, hopefully :) I might have to condense 3 & 4 together, because I didn't get many pictures of either! 

Hope you're having a great Monday!

xoxo Vanes.

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  1. Looks like a TON of work...but so much fun. What an experience. I am so jealous. Like I've said 8,000 times. They're so beautiful!

  2. what an incredible experience!!! look at all the hard work you have been up to.
    xo TJ


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