CURRENTLY; sick in bed edition

Hello humans. You haven't heard much from me, I know! And I'm sorry. How bout I take you for some ice cream to make up for it? Oh. Maybe not. 

Anyways.. I got back from Haiti on the 28th of July (IT WAS AMAZING). I slept a bunch, then got back to work at Detwilers, while fighting a vicious cold. Welp, I'm halfway through the week, and it's only gonna downhill from there! So any prayers would be appreciated!! :) 

And now, CURRENTLY... This could be boring. Sorry in advance!

**Obsessing over my bed. I LOVE my bed right now!! After being in Haiti and sleeping in a bunk bed, and then being so stinking sick all the time, my bed is my favorite place. Guess what? I'm in it now! And guess what else? My bed is a twin mattress on top of a futon couch. How pathetically wonderful. 

**Working on feeling better. Like ASAP, man. Throat coat tea, DayQuil, NyQuil, and Dr. Featherman are my BFFs.

**Thinking about fundraising. I have two months until I will be IN Australia, and I still have some more funds to raise! I'm getting there though! :) I'm trying to think of a great idea for one big and final fundraiser. Mom said maybe a dinner and swing dancing night! I thought maybe a concert/desert banquet/silent auction night. Maybe both??! Any ideas? :)

**Listening to my 'SO NICE' playlist on Spotify. Chill at its finest. 

**Wishing for hmmmm, a new fancy purse. jk lol good health! DUH.
What does this photo have to do with anything? I was sick when it was taken. Oh, btw, this was July 5th. REALLY. I've almost been sick for 1 month :( 

HEY GUESS WHAT! The winner of my quilt raffle was Judy Mullet! A lady from my church. And what did she do when I told her that she was the lucky winner? She donated it right back to me. She is so sweet :) So my next fundraiser needs to involve selling the quilt again, okay??

Be back later, with an un-stuffed nose (hopefully!)

xoxo Vanessa

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