They Got Hitched!

So in case you didn't hear, one of my greatest and bestest friends now has a MRS. degree, minoring in Michael Miller! AKA they got hitched on Saturday night! 
One of their engagement photos, by  Alyssa Shrock
Thursday night we had a bachelorette party for her, remember that?? Good times. 

So Friday morning after our delicious (...) pancake breakfast made by yours truly, we headed our seperate ways, only to meet up again later that night. The bride to get her hair de-mineralized (I don't know), and her two sisters, Kayla & Yiana, to the venue to help set up. Which left Grace and I with a to-do list filled with just a few simple tasks. No problem, right? 

Task 1. We get to the Rental Depot, where we are supposed to pick up a projector screen for the reception slideshow I made. Rental Depot employee looks at me like there is a goat on my shoulders. They have no record of any of our people renting or paying for or reserving a projector screen. Uh, okay... Call brides stepmom, give some bad news, next task.

Task 2. Go to Publix. Buy colorful helium balloons. So easy it hurts. Not so.. Turns out that they deflate within 10 hours, so that's really cool. The good news is, we went to the fanciest Publix in SRQ, the one where the store is upstairs and you ride an escalator to get to it, and the cars get parked right underneath! HOW NEAT IS THAT?!

Oh, and in between that, we stop by Starbucks a couple times to see if Graces paycheck has come in. Oh well, cause Starbucks! 

Sidenote: On this day, I drove about 130 miles without even leaving town. I think that's a record!! It was super fun to spend the day with Grace, in a car for a long time, getting to know her though :)

So feeling very unhelpful, we decide to head to the wedding venue to see if we can help with anything. And we did! Look at what we did! It was the most beautiful little church ever!

Then Lauren's stepmom (also Kayla's mom.. Are you following this?!)treated us all to Starbucks. Did I ever mention that I love that lady? Cause I do. Also, don't tell anyone, but I got a coffee drink and I sort of kind of reaaaally liked it. Maybe because it didn't taste like coffee at all. And please notice how excited Kayla is about life and Starbucks here in the photo below..

 Bridesmaids minus Yiana!


 Mother & Daughter... love it! 
 Loved this arch.. It was GORGEOUS! On wedding day the florist people came and put some greenery on it.

So our day ended up being just fine. We also got new bras from VS, so the world really is okay. Also, the rehearsal went wonderfully and I only cried like 4 times. At rehearsal. That's good for me. Afterwards the grooms parents hosted the dinner at The Savory Street. It was an adorable little place with great food! I wish I had taken photos. 

Then came wedding day!! Pretty much the happiest day ever!

We all (bridesmaids and bride) got to the salon that Kayla and Lauren's mom owns. It is the best place ever! If you need a cut or color, GO THERE. Beyond Relfections has the nicest ladies you will ever meet. The girl that did my hair and makeup just happens to be an old friend from high school, Christie Coblentz, and she did an amazing job! And it only took 2 1/2 hours to do my hair.. She has endurance for thick, unruly, hair. What a gal she is!

It was fun to get all done up, but, the #1 best part was seeing the bride get ready. She was absolutely stunning! Seriously, once she got her dress on, I lost it! Not full on bawling, but I definitely teared up. It was just so amazing to experience this whole thing by her side, watching her and Michael's love story blossom into a fairy tale ending.. Sigh.... Man, am I sappy or what??! All these weddings. 

I should've put that on my summer bucket list. Cause that's about the only thing I have done, I think! 

 The guys
The girls 

The bridal party outside of the ceremony venue. Photo by  Alyssa Shrock.

And now I'm about to get all sappy on you again. 

Can I just say it was an absolute honor to stand up on stage next to two great friends as they committed their lives to each other before God, friends, and family? I still can't believe I was given such a privilege to be in their wedding, and even more, the maid of honor. 

This couple is so so inspiring. You can just tell by their actions and words that everything they say and do is to glorify and honor our Savior, and that is something you don't see every day. It was also so cool to see how Michael already cherishes and loves his new bride so very much. This is a great example of how Christ loves His bride the church. Very cool to think about. 

Also, Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly to be broken."

I know that Michael and Lauren's love will last as long as they both shall live. I know this because 1, divorce is not an option. And 2, their love has a deep-rooted foundation that comes from the author of love... Jesus. That cord of three strands is Michael, Lauren, and the Lord, and there is absolutely nothing that can ever break that. 

So anyways, many many blessings to this amazing couple we have come to love so much! The Lord has given them the desires of their hearts and I pray they will spend a lifetime of seeking His face while loving each other in everything they do. 

Mike & Lou, I love you guys! Hope you have an amazing honeymoon! :)

How's that for a sappy love post?! I totally didn't expect to do that, but it's okay to be serious every now and then, til my panties get in a huge wad.

xoxo Vanessa.

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