That One Time I Fell Off of the Blogosphere for Just a lil Bit.

So I left the state without letting you know. And I'm sorry! I really don't like me for doing that, and now I'm just so confused as to what has happened in my life since I last enticed you with a photo of Mr. Tebow... Seems to be a reoccurring theme here, hey?? So it's time for me to step up my game and get to posting! And boy do I have lots of ideas :) Sit tight, yall. 

(I kind of say yall now. Kind of. It just comes out so naturally, ya know?)
And I KNOW that if my sister Nicole is reading this right now, she's all smh.
That means 'shake my head' right?

Anyways, I'll fill you in on the part where I left the state. BUT before I do that, I wanna tell you that the week that I left my church had VBS, and I was a preschool teacher and it was the best thing ever. Besides the time when I was helping the sweetest little boy I have ever met, who has down syndrome, use the restroom. Why? As I pulled his pants down for him, a huge wad (wad? glob? clump? patty?) of POOP rolled out of his pull-up and onto the bathroom floor. Sweeeeet. Luckily I had Caris, my trusty helper. Obviously I was needed elsewhere right then...

Okay. Vacation. Right.

We went to Indiana!! Woooohoooo! Seriously, it's my home away from home. My daddy is from there, and all of his side of the family, minus an Aunt, Uncle, and a few cousins, live there too!  

Andrea and Amos, who are 2 outta 3 of my younger sibs, caught a ride up to Indiana with a friend from church on June 19th. Dad caught a plane to Indiana June 23rd. So it was me, Cole, and Mom at home alone for awhile. So naturally, the AC breaks down. RIGHT? Preettay miserable if you ask me. Especially when you have to bake 100 cookies and brownies! But I'm over it now. Really. I am okay??!?! You needed to know all of this, oh yes you did. 

Anyhow, in the verrrry early hours on June 29th, Mom, Nicole, Nicole's BFF Lauren, and Andrea's BFF Hannah headed out to Indiana in the car. 16 hour drive, here we go. The drive wasn't terrible at all, especially when you can hardly contain your excitement! One reason I was extra excited was cause Hannah was a surprise! Andrea had no idea that she was coming up so that was just too fun. 

So we had an incredibly fun and busy week in Indy! 

1. The friend from church that Andrea & Amos caught a ride up with happened to be getting married on the 30th! So we attended their lovely wedding! Congrats to Annette and Eric! I pray that God blesses your marriage more than you could hope for :)

2. We spent a lot of time up at my Aunt Carmen's pool! It's so nice! Just one problem this summer... There has a been a big time heat wave in the midwest... 109 degree weather equals a VERY HOT POOL. Not very refreshing or feel good at all.. But, we toughed it out cause we wanted to come home with nice tans! ;)

3. Babysat for the two most adorable little girls you will ever meet, Lola Pearl and Esme Ruth. Seriously, like you don't even understand. They are too precious for words. And they have the coolest rents ever, my cousin Grant and his lovely wife Emily. Nicole, Lauren, and I babysat for them on Monday night when they went out with my parents and aunts and uncles. We played and read books and looked around the house for the 'lion,' and Lola even got to stay up a little later :) (We also scarfed down almost HALF a pan of yogurt parfait desert Emily had in the fridge... but thats not important! ;) Once both girls were asleep, we ventured to Skype friends back home so we wouldn't miss out on our Monday night tradition- The Bachelorette! We got on Skype and Jenny pointed the computer towards her TV screen so we could watch, since Grant and Em don't have cable hooked up. Buttttt, it really wasn't working out :/ Don't worry though, we watched the episode online a few nights later and we were delighted to see bobble-head move on. Sorry, Chris! 
Side note: I'm super sad for Sean, he was so sweet! But I'm team Jef, and Arie has ASAP!

4. This time around, we got to do lots of boating and lake swimming. Tons of fun! On the second to last day, we spent 10 hours out on the lake boating, tubing, and water skiing all day. It was seriously so much fun! When I grow up I will totally have a boat and be out every day! Hold me to it.

5. We finally (FINALLY) went to Holiday World. Every.single.summer we beg and plead, along with our cousins, to go to Holiday World and it never happens. But this summer was a game changer. Game changer I tell ya, cause Mom & Dad finally gave in! So, I have always wanted to go, and when it finally maybe was becoming a reality, we decided to look up Holiday World online. One word of my first impression: LAMO. Like really. From the sad website, to the ride videos with freaks smiling their heads off while riding, and the background elevator music, I was not impressed. But, everyone insisted it was a blast, so we purchased our $38 tickets and made the hour trek over to Santa Claus, Indiana. (Yeah, that's the town that Holiday World is located in! Coincidence? I think not...). But. My real life impression of Holiday World: AMAZING. With incredible wooden roller coasters, A water park that is 12487 times the man that Adventure Island is, and water coasters, what's not to love? Oh, and I forgot to mention that they have FREE parking, unlimited FREE pop, and FREE sunscreen (also unlimited... but. it's sunscreen.) And the workers there are so nice. Needless to say, I am now a fan! 

6. We celebrated 4th of July. Yes we did. Just like everyone else! And what was cool about it was that our entire family was there, minus just one. So that makes 33 of us, I believe. And what do you do when almost the whole family is within a mile of each other on the same day at the same time? NATURALLY, family photos! You may know by now that I am Mennonite. And if you know what that means, you know that Mennonites are typically not the most patriotic people on the planet. BUT, we were the game changers this 7/4. That's because for our family photos we all wore red, white, & blue, and we had a huge American flag flying in the background. Plus a horse eating grass in the background too. So American! Really though, we may not show it all the time, but I am so grateful for the country that I live in, and the freedoms I have. I know that I can't take this for granted, as I have seen countries without the blessings we have. And with that being said, 'Merica.

7. Can't leave this out... I bought 9 packs of amazing delicious gum for $3. Can you say Amish discount Store?? ;) I also bought some lipstick there for a dollar each.. I think I like that stuff now. Out of the ones I bought, I like two of them. The third though, I wish I would've checked what it looked like before I bought it. Lets just say 'Siren Orange' on the lips isn't a good look for me...  Mom can attest to this. "Honey, what in the world are you doing. Really."

8. I got to spend lots of time with family! And two of them are two of my favorite people in the world, Amos & Lily Mae Wittmer. They are my Dad's parents, and boy do I love them. They are just so cute. And funny, and sweet, and generous, and caring, and loving, and hard-working, and just great examples to everyone they know. I love them dearly and am SO thankful that God chose to put me in their family ;) 

9. We went into a nearby town on 4th of July to watch fireworks with my cousin Jared. Lets just say it wasn't the classiest place on earth. I guess while I was in the bathroom, where I had to literally run if I wasted any time to get the next stall... :( figured that out after a ton of ladies sprinted in front of me when I was obviously next in line. Was there even a line??! Anyways. WHILE I WAS in THE BATHROOM. The others witnessed a boy puke a bunch. Thank the good Lord I wasn't there, or I would've been right there with him, upchucking my 4th of July away. Before the fireworks started we ventured over to the playground for some fun. Almost lost my life at the teeter totters.. Shout out to Jared and Hannah for saving my  life, YOLO.. \m/

10. I realize how blessed I truly am after trips like this. I have an amazing family. I know the Lord personally and have a relationship with Him, and my entire family has the same. That's sort of rare. I realize the importance of family, and I treasure each memory we have built together. Thank you Jesus for those precious times! 

And now I will proceed to dump 122 photos of my trip. You're welcome :) 

 Haiti beads!
 Sleeping quarters. The shelves full of gigantic books... All of the newspapers printed out and binded into these books. Grandpa bought them awhile back. They date pretty far back, I think the 1940's-60's & 70's. Very fun to look at! 
Ange! Missed her.
 Aw, Gramps. 
 'Bionic leg' He says.
 Cousin Grant, attorney at law. Father of Lola & Esme. Husband to Em. 
 Brother Amos! 
 Little Lauren. 
 Father Dearest. 

 Betcha never saw an 85 year old with tricks like this :) 

 Lovely, lovely Lola.

 Prince & Nilla, One of Gramp's new past times is breeding and selling white german shepards! And keeping a few, of course! 

 Esme, Lola's new sister who is just as sweet as can be!
This is the typical noon meal at Grandma & Grandpa's. That's right. They do lunch right! 
 Delicious and freshly picked sweet corn: check! 
 Freshly caught fish from Grandpa's lake up at Epsom: check! 
 Beautiful tomatoes & onion: check! 
 My cousin Trevor and I were waiting in the car for the others to come out, when a contest was happening on the radio. They gave some letters all scrambled up, and listeners were supposed to try and unscramble them to win! We tried and tried to unscramble, but we came up with fake words like 'tormadoes' and 'toormaes'. It was restroom. FAIL. 

 She is PRECIOUS. 

 Pink Lemonade Arnold Palmer from Amish discount Grocery. Whatta delicious deal.

 'Ohhhhhh my hair... It's so silly!'

 Bedtime Stories.
 Its tough when the majority of cousins your age are girls, right Trev?

 Cutest things ever, for Grandma & Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary! Cupcakes made by Emily, and toppers by Sarah!

 Aunt Coleen playing with her Grands :) 
 My precious Grandparents!
 They were surprised :) 

 Such style. 

 Lola loves her some homemade ice cream!

 Noah Andrew :) 

 Someone lit a floating lantern! So cool. 
 Watching 4th of July fireworks! Keep it classy, Washington. 

 Holiday World! 

 See the girls?? Right behind green shirt hands in the air person. 

 Nicole and I in the front row.. Front or nothin.
 Lauren & Hannah in the front! 
Totally creepin. 

And of course, our family photo! When I heard we were going to all wear red, white, and blue, I got a little nervous. I thought we would end up on for sure, but I actually think we look kinda snazzy. 

But please direct me to a link if you do spot us on there.

xoxo Vanessa.

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