Mrs. Miller's Bachelorette Party!

Remember the days when I posted once a day Mon-Thurs? Yeah. But I'm back again, and it's only been 3 days this time! And my, what a busy 3 days it's been!

BUT. I'm gonna make these past 3 days into shorter posts, instead of a huge one like when I posted about my trip to Indiana (sorry!). So here's the first of a few.. 

(And I'm not talking about the show, The Bachelorette! Guys tell all tonight YAY).

So I got us a place to stay on the beach, fo' free! Cause I know an awesome lady who is so so nice and cool. Shout out to Julie Miller! THANK YOU!

We went to the house and r.e.l.a.x.e.d. It was amazing. It was a gorgeous day and we laid by the pool, listening to music and going in and out of the water. And painting our nails. Or, in my case, attempting to paint nails. (See here). After about the 3rd try, Kayla did them for me. What a friend :)


Annnnd then the sky turned black in the east. While still being beautiful in the west. Make up your mind, woman!



So we went inside to get ready for the evening! And make the bride wear a ridiculously fabulous blinking crown and sash thingy!

I just love her! 
 Sisters :)
 Gotta love self-timers!
Me, Kayla, Lauren, Yiana, and Grace. The bride with her bridesmaids!

 Then, we hopped in my car to search for the perfect bachelorette party restaurant. Sushi came up, and so we had to go to DaRuMa, of course. So delicious. And confusing for people who are sushi amateurs, like me.

 The bride and both of her sisters! 
 No idea what this delicious stuff was.

 I guess I'm confident enough to post pictures like this....haha.

 The main event!!
 Kayla, Lauren, Grace with their best faces.

Then we awkwardly ask someone to take a photo of us..

After dinner we run into Publix for nothing but the free bakery cookies (not pictured). 

The bakery woman asks what the occasion is, and we let her know. Then the party gets a bit depressing as she tells us about her and her husbands current divorce :/ Praying for her. 

She also asks why we're not drunk?? 
Well, bakery lady, we don't do that, and besides, not one of us are over 21! 

WHAT?! (Immediately looks to Lauren's midsection for signs of pregnancy. Nothing there because Lauren is tiny. And not pregnant). 

Me: She's not pregnant either, if that's what you're thinking!
Shock on the ladies part. Shock that she's getting married so young because she truly is in love with Michael and will spend the rest of her life with him. It's just sad people don't understand this anymore! Anyways...

Back in the car and to Siesta Key Village, near the house. We didn't have much of a plan besides this: Make sure all the tourists know that Lauren is getting married in two days! 

We did a great job of this by: 

1.) Walking by an open air restaurant/bar/club place that we're not allowed into. Yiana (Lauren's sister) runs in and heads straight to the band, to ask the drummer if they'll play a love song for her sister who's getting married in two days! BINGO. When they say, ''This next song is for the lady getting married! It's called 'Love & Whiskey''' we had a pretty good laugh. 

2.) Going into 7-11 to buy slushies, (we missed free slushy day by ONE day! :/) and telling everybody the good news.

3.) Asking a nice guy to give us a free ride on his 6 seater golf cart, and to take us up and down the street so we can make a scene for Lauren. Again, BINGO. It was perfect! We honked and yelled and hooped and hollered that LAUREN'S GETTING MARRIED IN TWO DAYS! And we got a great reaction! Many congrats. OH! And the guys name was Chowder, which is the name of Lauren's beloved German Shepard! How fitting :)

 This is Chowder.
And this was a little bit awkward. Just a little.

After a bit of that craziness, we head home to settle down! 

 Those were possibly my two favorite pictures, ever.
So we get home, make all of our faces look like that ^ and relax while eating more and watching The Princess Bride. Not one of us make it through the whole movie cause we're so dang tired.

We're up the next morning at 8, starting off our day with a nice-burnt-gooey-pancake-breakfast provided by yours truly. Then we were off to start our day of wedding festivities! 

More on that later. Maybe.

And that is how you have an awesome Bachelorette party you will always remember :) 

xoxo Vanessa.

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