My Weekend in a Great Big Nutshell

(heads up, longest weekend post to date)
Lemme tell ya, this weekend was great.
But when isn't it?
Oh, when I work. But... this was good cause:

I got my hairs trimmed.. and Lacey always straightens it for me! Once every 3 months my crazy frizzy curly curls get to look like this!
Look how long! Eeeeek!

I made some raffle tickets... again, more details coming soon :) 

 We went on a double date with Mike & Lou.. aka Michael & Lauren, to Don Pablos! (Jackson's new obsession!) Let me tell you, between the 4 of us we ate enough to feed Mexico!
Engaged and soon to be married!
So tall... errrm., heels.


Saturday we attended a long lost cousins wedding!
I love all weddings. And this was no exception. It's really cool to see all different types. Broadening my horizons, you know. 
(I forgot my camera, BOO. Mom has some photos but I didn't have access to them. Maybe later.)

Oh this one will throw you for a major loop!....
You read right. Here's how it went down:

Dad got a giftcard to Applebee's awhile ago. 
Andrea won our family's annual American Idol challenge. 
(Not much of a challenge... we all draw names out of hats and whoever ends up with the winner picks a place to go to dinner!)
Dad "suggested" Applebee's to Andrea...
Voila! We lunched out, instead of our tradition Sunday Pot Roast. I did miss the pot roast though.

Sunday I worked on the quilt.
Didn't get much done though.. 
Mom & I discussed border options! You will see soon what we decided to go with.

We had a good time waking Cole up from her 5 hr nap.
Sleeping with the bunny & laptop... so protective

Jack and I had some longboarding fun..

Bye Dad! 
Borderline innapropes.

And we went to the Miller's for dinner! 
Had a good ole Siamese twin sisterly ping pong match..
Sar & Han :)

We would've one.. but it's hard for me to carry the team alone! ;)
Our families are friends with the Sun family, they are new to our church.
(And from China! Supah cool.) 
Yung, (sp?) the beautiful mama, just got back from an overseas trip and brought us girls purses and scarves! 
She is sooooo sweet! We love them! 
Thank you Yung!


So basically, it was grand. In case you can't tell, I did take lots of pictures! This is a new resolution for me, take photos of everyday life so I can remember. Post them to my blog so I can go to my archives, click back, and remember. Plus, this blogging thing is so darn fun I don't mind doing it at all :) 

Today was my first day at Detwiler's full time.. This is gonna be a longgg sumer! Today was 11am-8pm.

Tomorrow is 7:30am-3pm.

Why am I awake.

seeeeeeeee ya. 
xoxo V

OH GUYS. P.S. Tomorrow, if time permits, I will share my BUCKET LIST, WOOOOOOOOOO! 

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  1. Looks like you had fun!
    Your hair looks great

  2. your hair looks lovely!


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