My Bucket List!

I know you're just dying with anticipation. And the moment has arrived..... 


Que squeals of excitement.

Okay, maybe you're not super excited, but I totally am! Here we go.

Thanks to Cole & Jackson for helping me put these together:)

1. Learn to windsurf.

2. Longboard one whole parking garage from top to bottom without jumping off.

3. Go swing Dancing.

4. Go salsa Dancing.

5. Ride bikes from Jackson's house to the beach.

6. Go to 5 local SRQ restaurants I've never been to. 

7. Read 19 books.

8. Host a tea party.

9. Learn to surf.

10. Campout in the backyard.

11. Have a slip and slide on the hill.

12. Feed/pray with the homeless in downtown SRQ.

13. Deliver a prize to a person with a JoyFM bumper sticker. (Nicole has this dream to do this- dress up like a JoyFM employee, and when we spot someone in their car with a JoyFM bumper  sticker, go up to their car and give them an awesome prize! Like a pan of meatloaf, or something else incredible like that.)

14. Get dad to play a board/card game. 

15. Finish my quilt.

***updated: 16. Swim out to the island by the buoy at Siesta Key.

So there we go! That's my list. I want to complete every single one by September 24th, the potential day I leave for Australia! If you can help me out or want to do any of them with me, let me know! :) 

I'm just realizing how draining it is working full-time at Detwilers! So we will see how this goes/how much time I have! 

Happy Tuesday. Do something fun.
xoxo VRW

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  1. Oh my goodness I would love to attend your tea party!


    1. Done! You are totally invited :) I might need your help.. maybe we can co-host!

      xoxo, V

  2. ahh my link thinger really didn't work? I'm going to link it again, and try it. haha! But I'm glad you found me! I love this bucket list. I would love to do everything on that list. I'm gonna do a post on my bucket list soon! Because I am OBSESSED!

    You're beautiful! Have a good day.

    Let's try this again:
    we & serendipity

    1. I must be doing something wrong! Because when I click it it goes to a page on my blog and says that what I'm looking for 'doesn't exist!' What the world. I will be looking forward to your bucket list, I'm now following you! :)

      xoxo, V

  3. aw, learning how to windsurf would be incredible! aren't bucket lists the best?
    xo TJ


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