Mr. Tebow & Miss Woothie

Shout out to my girl Jenny ;) Biggest Tebow fan ever!
You clicked this post because of the title and photo, right? Right. I'm so good at manipulating people into reading. Haha. Just kidding. But really, there is a Tim story here.

If you remember a couple weeks back, (I barely can!) I did a super long post about things. "When do you not do that?!" you ask. No comment. But anyways, I said I have a story about Miss Woothie.

Miss Woothie translates into Miss Ruthie, in case you couldn't tell. Miss Woothie is a wonderful lady who ran the preschool that Casey & Riley go to. So when I drove there everyday, we would always see Miss Woothie. Now Riley, he doesn't like people to look at him. Especially not Miss Woothie. So as we walked in the entrance and past her desk everyday, Riley would yell, "DON'T WOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!" at her. And she would always do it right back. Love her. 

So thats Woothie. 
And totally besides the point.

Towards the end of the period of my life where I was nannying, Woothie and the other ladies found out I was going to be done soon, and would no longer see them every day at 9am and 12pm. They asked, "Where are you going?? Why do you have to stop nannying for these blonde humans?" And I told them. I told them I was going to do missionary training in Australia with a Christian organization called YWAM.

And they were oh so happy for me! Why? For obvious reasons!

Tim Tebow is a missionary and was born into a missionary family! I'm gonna meet him over at missionary training in Australia, duh!! And yes, I will be sure to send photos to you ladies of Mr. Tebow and I together, of course! Jets??? Jets who?!?

In case you didn't catch my drift.. This was funny because, no, I will not be seeing Timmy over in Australia, nor will I have any photo ops with him to send back to the La Petite Academy Ladies
They sure did give me a good laugh though. And they're still expecting photos... I just couldn't be the bearer of bad news, ya know?? 

xo. V

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  1. If you really get to meet Tim Tebow that is so awesome and exciting! Tebow gets alot of crap but I tihnk it's awesome how religious he is and waht an example he is to young people. Just found your blog and have loved looking around and getting to know you better. You're adorable and I can't wait to follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. I love Tim Tebow! Oh and yes I really like Jef and Sean :)

  3. Love, love, love Tim Tebow! I love your blog it's so cute!


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