The Love Lives of Detwilers Customers

Here I am!!!!!!!
(Can you imagine Jackson say that in his "here I am!!!!!!!" voice? No? Sorry, you're missing out!)

This is me in my current state. I hope it sets the tone for this post. (Not sure what that exactly is besides exhausted.)
But after being away for awhile, I am back. I don't even know what has happened since I've been on here, nor does my brain have the ability to try and figure it out. Cause it's basically mush. 

What I do know is I've been working. 

Who wants to hear work stories?!?

No one? Okay. 

Todaaay, a very tall lady stayed in the store until 7:30(!!!!!!!!!!!! we close at 7) talking to a man in an orange shirt (actually, I mean flirting with). They stood by the grapes forever talking about love and divorce or something, I don't really know. By the time they made it to my counter to check out, (finally!) I figured out they met over yonder by the grapes, and were both divorced. Orange shirt man gave tall lady his number. He checks out first. Buys a watermelon at $3.99. (Is this all too much info? Oh well. I feel like talking). Then he waits around for a bit then tells her, 'If you ever want to call me, and just say hi or something, just call and say hi and we can talk!' Smooth. He leaves. She turns to me and starts talking very quietly and quickly, about how that always happens, guys love her, usually they're really old but this one was only 51 (phewf!) and she's not gonna call him ever, but she wishes he had asked her out for margaritas. Me? I tell her to be safe and never get in the car with strangers. And I tell her it must be hard to be so beautiful. I can tell it made her day! Ummmm, that's the reason I told you this story. Always compliment the customer. Right. 

So they left and we cleaned and corralled carts and restocked and counted money. Finally. 

Good talk. Thanks for listening, I will be back soonish (not likely). Time to sleeeep, work, repeat. 
xo, Vanessa.

p.s. If orange shirt guy and tall lady read this (Which I'm sure they won't) you guys were great customers. Best of luck in your love lives.

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  1. I say this basically every time...but you make me laugh. I loved this post. Because I can relate. Especially when you are so exhausted, things like this just stick in your head! HAHA!

    ♥ xoxo.

    We & Serendipity

  2. VANESSSA! i jst came across your Blog tonight and im sooo gla i did!! hahahahah i love you <3 and misssss you!


  3. I found you through Blank Pages' blog :] I love your blog, following now! :D


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