This lady is having the time of her life in Australia. Just like I will be in a few months!! 

**Obsessing over Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married, by Gary Chapman. I'm not planning to be married anytime in the super near future, but this is still a great read for young adults! I totally recommend it, even if you are not dating at the moment. It has really opened my eyes to the husband-wife relationship God has planned for me, and how much work, commitment, and unconditional love it is gonna take. 

**Working on editing photos from Gene & Tina Millers vow renewal ceremony last week! I'm alllllmost finished! 

**Thinking about the word lasagna. Why is is spelled like that? I would spell it like this, lasanya. Just makes so much more sense. If only I had written the dictionary... p.s. we're having lasanya for dinner! 

**Listening to nothing but the fan in our room and Nicole's snoring. She often takes 5:42pm naps, nothing unusual about that.

**Wishing for a sunny day! Today was not the nicest, no offense, God. It's okay though, there are many many other hot humid sunny days to make up for it! 


Off to youth group and a girls night movie night later! And tomorrow I get to see Jackson! Finally :) 3 days is way to long. 

xoxo Vanessa Rae Wittmer.

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  1. You are funny! I completely agree with the whole lasagna thing. After all, English words are spelt extremely weird, right?

    ♥ xoxo.


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