Currently Crazy.

So this photo is basically my life 'motto,' especially to say to Jackson. He thinks I'm weird, but I know he enjoys it. And I like to do stuff like that ^ to him. Touching his face. Once of my favorites. Pestering him, love it. Jackson, he acts like he's not a fan of it, but I know deep down he thoroughly enjoys it. Are any of you like this?! I don't know what it is.. Especially his facial hair!! Okay, Now I'm regretting telling you this. I'm weird...... yeah. 

Anyways..... it's that time again! 


*Obsessing over SMOOTHIES! Can't get enough of them! My fav:  2 bananas, a couple spoonfuls of natural peanut butter, a little pour of almond milk, lots o ice, and a yellow mango or two! Blend it up and you have perfection in a glass. Seriously. 

*Working on getting to bed earlier. It's a problem. Last night I made a rule, computer away by 10ppm every night. I even said it out loud to Nicole. Tonight, it's 11:35... gahhhhh!

*Thinking about weddings, what else! Tonight I went to a bridal shower for Reagann, Jacksons older sister! It was sooo much fun! I just love her; she is so cute. She is getting married to Joel on July 15th, the very day after Lauren & Michaels wedding! CRAZY. I just love love and weddings. And I know that the weekend of July 14th & 15th I'm going to be bawling my eyes out. I'm quite predictable at weddings. 

*Listening to The New Testament. That's right, listening to it. Nicole has it playing on her laptop. Pretty cool, hey? 
P.S. Is it laptop or labtop? And does anyone else ever have a problem with that? Now that I write it out I know it's laptop, but still... p's & b's are confusing!

*Wishing for Indiana and my family! Specifically my Grandma and Grandpa! I talked to Grandma today, bless her heart. She is so sweet. We will be up there one week from tomorrow!! Woohoo!

Okay, now to bed. The rule for tonight is click the 'post' button and immediately sleep. Sounds good.

xo V A N E S S A

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