Copy & Paste: QUILT RAFFLE!

So remember when I said blogging is like scrap booking for lazy people? But blogging really isn't lazy, it's hard work. But maybe I am some times. Therefore, I am copying and pasting this. That's right, copy and paste. Straight from a Facebook note! And remember wheI said that I made some raffle tickets?! Well, here ya go:

This is a fundraiser for me, Vanessa! All proceeds will go directly towards my YWAM journey to Newcastle, Australia. 

My grandparents, Amos & Lily Mae Wittmer, have generously dontated to me a king sized Amish quilt that was handmade and unused. Their idea to help me raise funds was that I sell raffle tickets for the quilt, and I will have a drawing on July 18th to see who the lucky winner of the quilt is! 

Tickets cost $10 each, or you can purchase 3 for $25!

Again, all the proceeds go directly towards my YWAM journey coming up this fall! If you have no idea what I'm talking about or what YWAM is, please copy and paste this: into your browser to see my blog, and the story behind how the Lord led me to choose YWAM at this point in my life!

If we live close, I will give you a tangible ticket! If we live far away, I will fill one out for you and put it in the raffle myself. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :) Also, if you would like to donate towards my trip, but don't want to buy a raffle ticket, you can do this as well! But above all, please keep me in your prayers! 

You can give/send me cash or checks for the tickets! My home address is:
1963 Racimo Dr.
   Sarasota, FL

For CANADIAN friends and family: The money can be paid as whatever $10 or $25 is in Canadian currency right now, don't worry about the exchange rate. 

P.S. free shipping :) Unless you live close to me, then you will get a personal delivery!

Thank you all! 
xo Vanessa Rae Wittmer

And there ya have it folks!! :) Comment or email me if you would be interested in buying tickets! And remember the prices: $10 per ticket, OR 3 for $25! Whatta deal. 

xo. Vanessssa 

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