The Awkwardness of my Life & Other Things Like That

So I remembered some things I've been doing. How? I looked at my camera! 

And then that triggered my brain into remembering a few more things! YAY I'm not losing my mind for real! (yet).

This may be a long compilation of recent stories, thoughts, and activities that have been going down lately.

RANDOM THOUGHT #1. I may or may not be THEE WORST finger nail painter in the world. I'm leaning more towards most definitely! See all the paint on my fingers? That's my left hand. I'm right handed. Even when using my right hand, I can't stay in the lines!

RANDOM THOUGHT #2. (Males: Don't read!) Buying lingerie is the single most embarrassing thing in the world. WHAT?! Yeah, you heard me. I had to buy some lingerie. But most certainly NOT for me! My friend Lauren Haynes is getting married one month from yesterday (ahhhhhhhh!) and tonight we are having a lingerie shower for her. Obviously I know nothing about this stuff, (I'm not married!!) but I have been to these things before for other bride friends. So I knew what to buy. Just the buying it part is SO. EMBARRASSING.  So here's my system on how to do it without feeling totally awkward:

1. Run around quickly, grabbing pretty much all the stuff you see. I went to Burlington Coat Factory, that place is pretty much abandoned. 
2. Sprint to the dressing rooms. Then, behind the privacy of the door, you can spread out the items you grabbed and see if they're the right sizes or not.
3. Once you've found one or two that are the right sizes, take those and exit the dressing room. (Leave all the other stuff you grabbed in the dressing room... oh well!)
4. Find an item that you want to buy for yourself that can easily cover the things you came for. I found some nice workout leggings. Perfect. You deserve it after going through this embarrassment.
5. Walk calmly up to the checkout counter. Possibly look for a mirror first to make sure your face isn't beet red.
6. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, go into a checkout line where a woman is the cashier. I almost made that mistake!
7. Don't try to explain. I tried to say, 'My friends getting married! This isn't for me!' and then I realized how hot my face was getting and how guilty I sounded.
8. Walk out to your car, through what you bought in your trunk, and try to forget about what just happened! 

**tip: Wear your fake Old Navy wedding rings, so people aren't too suspicious. Also, don't attempt this with the children you nanny in your cart. People will give you looks... 'Why is that 19 year old with two kids shopping for lingerie?! Is she trying to have more?!'

I hope you didn't feel too awkward reading that. If you did, well... now you know how I felt! ;)


Last week ( I think?!) Jackson and I attended Casey's VPK Graduation! 
I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was sure an experience! The kids were all in caps and gowns, and they sang a few cute songs. Casey was SO serious! He would look at us or smile at all! I had to laugh, that is so not like him! 

Ri wasn't feeling good, poor guy! But at least his milk was handy. 
He cracked!

Haha! Love this one! He looks thrilled. I have good story about Ms. Ruthie. I WILL share soon. 

Me & my guys, minus Riley. I miss them!

Afterwards, I took Jackson to dinner, cause I had a gift card for $25 to Outback! 

Funny story though: My mom was being nice and gave us a gift card to there that she had recently gotten too. It was for $50 and she told us to take it and get whatever we wanted! So we did...

 We each got a delicious steak! And I added on shrimp, Jack added on scallops. We also got an appetizer. (We went crazy!)

Needless to say, we were stoked! 
Then.... the bill came and we gave the guy our gift cards. The news was, mom's gift card had only had $11 on it! So we (Jackson, such a babe) had to pay $25 extra! If we had paid out of pocket in the first place, without gift cards, we would've went cheap and spent that or less! So, the moral of the story is, don't get crazy. Eating that much isn't normal. 
And my poor mom felt terrible! She really thought it had $50 on it! Oh well :) It ended up making a funny story. I am paying Jackson back though, or taking him out for real..


 I've been sewing my quilt... Getting closer to being done!


Yesterday, we (Me, Jack, Ange, and Aim) crossed #16 off of my bucket list!! So fun! I totally wanna do it again. Kinda scary though... Mom said that people drown all the time at this spot... I had no idea! It was pretty calm.

Andddd now, it's off to work I go! 
xoxox V.

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  1. Awe, thank you! He did do a pretty great job with the proposal! :]
    xo Tiffany

  2. lol I'm usually comfortable with buying lingerie. I'll ask people around me if they think it's cute or not. LOL. That's a pretty color on your nails and toes. The food looks good.

  3. ROTFLMBO... omw your blogs completely make my day.. I wind up reading them on down time at work and then giggling to myself for a couple of hours later!!! I so can't wait to meet you! Here's a couple of thoughts: I think I beat you on the worst fingernail painter ever.. We should have a competition to see...
    I'm 28 and still feel funky buying lingerie... I blush like heck when I pass Victoria's Secrets.. one day I'll get the nerve to go in there.. I think pink scares me. But I think my fear of lingerie buying hinges around an event that happened when I was like 5 or 6:
    We had a new Cato's store in town (big to do here in my little town..) and my mom took me and my sister in there so she could get a few things. So we're waiting in line.. and I noticed behind us on display there were these really pretty lacy "dresses".. or I thought they were dresses. They were hanging on one of those racks that the bars slant towards the floor.. and I thought, "I could stand behind that and it'd look like I was wearing that pretty dress!" So I crawl underneath it and starting whispering at my sister trying to get her attention.. My sister's always been hard of hearing, I believe.. so finally I spoke up: "Mary ANNE!!!" EVERYONE turned around.. and the woman standing in line behind my mom absolutely LOST it.. I mean DIED laughing so hard she couldn't control herself.. I RAN to hide behind my mom's legs.. I still to this day remember that woman just laughing.. trying to apologize but just dying laughing.. My mom explained later that the little pretty dress was actually underwear for grown up women :/

    *sighs* too funny.

  4. Well that sounds rather eventful! Holy Talito! I can relate with the nails, girrrrl. For certainty. I can't paint my nails...and it's like a comedy show every time I do! Also, I'm pretty sure we feel the same way about lingerie. I can't buy it for myself...and when I do buy it for a bridal shower or something, I feel extremely awkward because let's face feel like the whole store is watching you. Oh gosh! Love it.

    ♥ xoxo.
    PS. your comments make my world.

  5. hahahah vanessa! you are one funny cookie :) love you!

  6. HAHAH i'm the worst nail painter TOO! what the heck?! lovely blog! too cute. found you via the blank pages blog :)


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