Why Newcastle is the Cutest & National Day of Prayer!

Man oh man, how adorable is that?! I LOVE NEWCASTLE. I really do. I can't believe this is where God picked for me to go :) He knows me well! 

My friend, Annie, sent me this link last night. Click it, you won't be sorry! You will be in awe of how cute this town is. Each number on the picture is named and has a little description. They are must-see restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. I want to visit each one for sure! 

So on another note, today is National Day of Prayer! For those of you who don't live in the good ole USA, you can still pray as well! My friend from high school, Candice, posted on her blog today about National Day of Prayer. Make sure to check out the full post! I won a pair of earrings in her giveaway! ;) Her blog is awesome. Here's a little of what she had to say: 

We live in a time when prayer is not just needed, it's essential to life. I challenge you to take a moment or two today to thank God for all that you have been blessed with, as well as lifting up others who are in need. If you get stuck, here's a few ideas of topics you can pray about:

-Pray for people by country
-Governmental leaders
-Persecuted church members
-Your country
-Future plans
-Family & Friends
-Military members

So how about it? Will you pray with us today? There is nothing like the power of prayer! Especially knowing the whole Nation is praying with you :)  I feel like I have been thinking about/talking about prayer a lot lately. Especially on my blog! Nothing wrong with that though, right?

Have a lovely weekend, humans! What are your plans? I have a cute boy to babysit, a cute boyfriend to go to a Rays game with, and a cute sister to help get ready for her high school banquet! (Prom-ish, but Mennonite! haha). 

My sis and I at Banquet last year. She's growing up and going to banquet without me!
Photo by Alyssa Shrock Photography 

See you Monday ;)
xo, Vanes.

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  1. aw, that picture of you and your sister is absolutely beautiful!! and happy belated national day of prayer! :)
    xo TJ

  2. That little ad for Newcastle is SO cute. I live in the middle of nowhere so we don't have cute things like that here! Glad that you got to participate in the National Day of Prayer, we did too!


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