Weekend recap and Haley's Blog!

Hola! How was your weekend? It was Cinco de Mayo on Saturday! That's why I said hola. Did you know Cinco de Mayo isn't even a National Mexican holiday? Yeah. Me either! They only celebrate it in one part. And then America celebrates too. See for yourself here! I was in shock, haha. I think it's just the American's excuse to drink! Ha. After helping the girls get ready, I went to Moe's for their Cinco de Moes deal with Jackson, Andrea, Cameron, Jenny, Eric and their boys, Steve, Amy, & their precious new baby Brye. Can you say $5 for a burrito, chips, and drink? YUM. I don't think I could ever get tired of burritos.. Anyways, enough of that! Now you know my weakness... -_-
My sis Cole is the one in the white all the way to the left. Sorry for the pretty awful unedited photo.. My camera needs some major tlc.
Helping the girls get ready for banquet was SO fun. They all looked absolutely gorgeous! They had fun, too, but Nicole said it was a bit of a flop... Oh well :) Jackson and I were talking about how much fun we had at banquet together and how it is such a big deal. Now it seems so silly to me that I spent so long dreaming up my dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. for one night spent in the gym. Haha. It's part of the experience though, and I wouldn't trade any of my banquet memories!

 GUYS. My friend, Haley, that will be doing the DTS with me in October, has entered the blogging world! So excited for her as she prepares for our adventure coming up and is documenting it all on her own little internet space :) I'm so excited to meet her and I just love her already! She is awesome. Go check out her blog, Hearing Heaven, and start with the first post, Beginning of the Journey. You'll love her. Tomorrow I will introduce you to another YWAM friend who is in the blog world!

I really hope your Monday isn't awful. I'm gonna attempt to get back into Zumba tonight at the gym. Not sure how that's gonna go! :) 

xo, V. 

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