Weekend Highlights

So it was a great weekend. Highlights including but not limited to..

1. Dinner at Two Senoritas downtown with Jackson and his mama, Jill. Great food and company! 

2. Hanging out with Jackson, Mike, Lauren, & Big Mu at Mike's house. It was very hard to hangout with Lauren though because I was keeping secrets from her! It seems like the only thing I could think about talking about was the secret! ...See #4.

3. Going to a Rays game with the Mayer family Saturday night! We won and Matt Joyce had a grand slam. So great. 

4. Sunday afternoon... a surprise bridal shower tea party for Lauren! It was my first experience planning a shower and I loved it! We (Lauren's mom, future MIL, step-mom, and I) planned a tea party luncheon bridal shower and kept it a surprise... for the most part. She is just too clever and kinda figured out was going on... ugh! But it was still so much fun! I would say this party is the reason I am so exhausted today. Lack of sleep due to the making of decorations and food!  

Here are a few photos from the party. If you know me, you know I love weddings, so this was right up my alley! 

DELICIOUS food... It was the perfect cheat day, haha.
The banner says, 'Love is Sweet.' The brides future MIL, Judy, gave me this banner and it had said "Happy Birthday" in blue letters. A few changes and this is what I came up with! 
Judy also had tons of amazing dishes and pieces for the tables!
Cheesecake stuffed strawberries and blueberry cheesecake chips by me, scones by Judy, cupcakes by Kayla, bars & peanut butter chocolate dipped pretzels (like a dream!) by Tami. 
Cucumber sandwiches by Pam, egg salad sandwiches by Steph, chicken salad sandwiches by Judy. I know I keep talking about the food. That's cause I love food and this stuff was amazing. 
Somehow this is the only photo I have of the bride! She's on the left, beautiful as ever. And with her is her gorgeous step sis Kayla, who is a bridesmaid! I love them both so much!
The women in Lauren's life: Pam, her mom. Judy, her future MIL. Steph, her step mom.
Tissue paper flowers that Nicole and I stayed up until 3am making! THANK YOU COLE!

Date Idea jar. I had guests write date night ideas down and fold them up and put into the jar. Now, when Lauren and Michael are married and looking for something fun to do up in Tampa, they can reach in and grab a date idea. I know mine were pretty fun, not sure if they will actually follow through though ;)
Shower libs: Wedding advice for the bride to be! My friend Alyssa designed these babies for me in less then 15 mins! She is amazing. Each guest at the shower filled one out, then read their advice to Lauren as she opened her gifts. It was hilarious! 

Anyways, it was a fun weekend. I love Lauren to death and I am so honored to be her Maid of Honor! They're getting married in less than TWO MONTHS! I can't wait! If you know them, you know it's been a longggg time coming for their marriage; even though they're both just 20 years old! Hey, when you know, you know! 

After the tea party I lounged around home the rest of the day, contemplating napping. Then Jackson came over and we giggled. A lot. That guys is a big-time giggler and I LOVE it. I wish I could record it! I am so blessed to have the most amazing boyfriend. Cherishing these last few months together before we are separated for 6 months is something I have enjoyed doing. I love you Jackson! 

I get today off from nannying, and we were going to go to Disney world, but decided against it as we had an exhausting weekend. So I'm hanging out with Cameron and Jackson, and tonight is girls night!!! We are going to the Rays game and I'm SO excited! :) We're also going to Moe's for dinner.. Which I am also very excited for! It's the little things... ;)

Happy Monday, lovelies.
xo, Vanes.

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