An Update on Stuff this Blog is Actually Meant for!

So, as  promised, I have a few YWAM updates! Just a day late. I'm realizing this blog is actually about my YWAM journey, not just about whatever I want to post because it's fun. But hey, I do what I want. 

I got my renewed passport back! It took about 5 weeks from applying to receiving it in the mail. I don't know if I forgot to mention that? If I did, shame on me! Cause that is such exciting news! The picture made me laugh.. I look fabulous, really.


Since the passport came to me finally, I was able to finish filling out my visa application! Woo! There are quite a few questions, and I was constantly emailing back and forth with Newcastle, asking for help. A really sweet girl on staff, Hannah, answered all my questions so quickly, and that helped out big time!

I filled out the whole thing and now all that is left to do is pay for it! It costs $270, and I have already had $2,500 donated to me (thank you everyone!). So I figured that I would just take the money out of there to cover the expense. BUT. Then my mom gets back from Canada on Monday and has a $300 check from my grandma Bonnie! Thank you grandma! :) So that money will cover my visa with a little extra towards health insurance. I really and truly have been SO blessed financially for this adventure.  Not only financially, but in prayer as well! I know for a fact people have been praying for me, and it's an amazing feeling! Thank you to EVERYONE who is supporting me in either way! 

Now, before I pay for my visa, I better buy some travelers health insurance. Because in the visa it asks if you have purchased health insurance. So I figure I'd better buy it before turning it in! YWAM Newy recommends that students buy insurance from Seven Corners. I looked it up and I can see why! They have very good, affordable plans. So that is what I plan on doing :) Hopefully this will be accomplished sometime before this week ends! I'm feeling motivated; 140 days til the DTS starts. 

That's all for now. I just realized something else I wanted to share that slipped my mind. That will be tomorrows post, if I get to it! Check back to see, or let it always be a mystery. Your choice. Check back, though, k? ;)

xo, V

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