Something Exciting!

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope you got the day off yesterday and had some fun! This weekend was a blur for me... With graduation and grad parties, it FLEW by! Luckily I had Monday off and got to hang out and chill a bit. Jackson and I went to the Harris household for a memorial day cookout. I had one of the best burgers I have ever had. (That always happens at their house!)

BUT GUYS. I have something very exciting to say! Actually 2 things. 


I went with Seven Corners Insurance, by the recommendation of YWAM Newcastle. I talked it over with my parents, and we got a really good deal! Covered with $0 deductible, which is nice if anything would happen to me. I wouldn't want to suddenly have huge medical bills to pay in a foreign country! But I'm so excited that I finally got it because then finally... 


Man, I love caps lock. Doesn't it get the point across that I'm SO STINKING EXCITED?! :)

Being granted my visa means that I now am legally allowed to go to Australia, and stay for up to a whole year, if I choose to do so. I had to pay $270, but like I said, it's for the whole year! 

How's that for awesome Paint skills?
I can't believe it's all coming together, and that at this time, a year ago, I had just graduated high school and had NO idea what I was gonna be doing in the future.. So nice to know God had a plan for me all along :) 

But anyways, now I am waiting for the 'getting ready to come to Newcastle' email. I think. I just am in awe that this is really happening! I am SO thankful for God's hand in my life, directing me exactly where He wants me to go :) It's all becoming so real, and every now and then fear begins to creep in, but I know this is His plan for me, so why be scared?! I'm learning to have faith!  Thank you, Jesus! 

xoxo V

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