Ranting, Longboarding, and Morgan's Blog!

I am stressed to the max today, with a capital S. Nothing like 3 little boys under the age of 5 to make you want to wait a long, long lonnnnng time to have kids! :) I do want kids, but all this nannying and babysitting has made me cherish the times I have now, being kid-free. I know I will love my someday children so much, though. Not saying I don't like these boys though! I love them! They can just get feisty sometimes ;) Anyways! That was my rant for the day. Oh, and I'm writing this as I eat velveeta macaroni and cheese. Classy. 

Today I have 2 rad things to share! 

Here's number 1. 
Annie tagged me in a pin on pinterest and it's a flippin sweet longboarding video! You gotta watch it! Here it is if you don't feel like clicking the link. We decided we will be doing a lot of longboarding once we get to Australia! Now to practice....

 I recently started longboarding. I don't have much time for it, but when I do I love it! Jackson got me started. We've mostly boarded around his neighborhood, my neighborhood, and once we went in public to St. Armands during an art show. That was fun! I'm not very good though.. I wiped out once during a turn and it hurt sooo bad! Here's a few photos of us longboarding. 
One of my 2 beautiful sisters... This is Ange aka Andrea. She couldn't longboard because she had a broken foot! :( 
Jackson & I.. Yeah, we are nothing like the people on the video! Haha. Just the basics.. 
Okay, maybe he could compete with them. He's good :) 
The aftermath of my wipeout..  Please ignore the fact that that is almost my butt.  Hey, everyone has one.
And here's a nicer photo to get the previous one out of your head! 

Okay, so here's number 2. 
2 words.... MORGAN STEWART! She is an amazing girl I met a few months ago (has it only been that long?) but it feels like I've known her forever. Actually, it's like that with all of the Compassion DTS girls :) She is from BC Canada and just so great! Check out her sweet blog here! You won't be sorry! I can't wait to meet her in just a few short months :) 

On yesterdays post I shared Haley's blog. Don't forget to check her out as well! 

I'll see you tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll go all Pinterest on ya. Have a glittering day and wish me luck! Nap time is about to be over....! 

xo, Vanessa Rae Wittmer.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a gnarly battle wound! :) Hope its healing well!! I would be sitting on ice for a good while. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. XO Courtney


  2. That's a sick scratch girl!! Thanks for the shout out, I do plan on writing another post soon... I just get distracted ;) Something you'll learn very quickly when we're together!

    1. The scar is so gross! But there's nothing wrong with that... sometimes :)

      xo, V


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