My Quilting Endeavors: Part 1

So on yesterdays post we looked at DIY projects that Pinterest inspired me to do. One of those things was the Urban Outfitters quilt. Remember?
Urban Outfitters Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt
When I saw it on Pintereest, I fell in love. But not with the price... $149. 

I had been wanting to make a quilt. Like, really bad. My grandma Mae, (my dads mom) is an avid quilter. Her and Grandpa Amos come down south for 3 months a year. Sooo, while she was here, she said she would help me make a quilt that I could take to Australia with me (we didn't realize its hot in Australia! With no AC!). My mom sews and has quilted before, so I decided the two of them can help me get er dun (why oh why?)

I scetched out a design, based off of the Urban Outfitters quilt. Made it a little bit (actually, WAY more) simpler. Here's what I came up with:
Artist at heart.
So it looks heaps easier right? Right. Except for that one part. The part I don't know how to describe to you, after the black and white half squares. That part. The pink and black. That part looked very hard and we decided to take it out. Fine with me :) p.s I was going for the same colors as the Urban Outfitters quilt, but these colors were the closest options in my crayon box. 

Grandma, mom and I headed to JoAnns on a Sunday afternoon to take a look at fabrics. I was disappointed because I could not find exactly what I wanted, the colors in the inspiration photo. Especially the perfect mustard. But, mom and grandma found beautiful fabrics that were a bit different than what I was looking for, but still great. After a bit of convincing, we headed to the counter and the lady cut what we needed. How much did all of the stuff we needed for this quilt cost?


That's it! Which means we saved $100. Good deal :) 

So after a LOT of cutting and sewing, we have it pieced together. Yay! The border is all thats left for the front, and then we at stuffing, the back, and then do some stiiching. The bad news is that grandma left for north about 2 months ago, so I haven't worked on it since then. Once mom and I get some motivation, we will finish. 

Oh, for the back of the quilt, my mom bought a green and white floral fabric shower curtain from Goodwill! I love it. 

So here's the quilting journey so far in photos:
Cut cut cut....... took forevs.

Add some white.

Some yellow.
Some green.
Some CORAL. Notice the yellow has a bit or coral, and the coral has a bit of green :) 

Then we began sewing.
I messed up... Off of the middle black center square, the black and white quarter square is turned the wrong way. Ooops.. I didn't realize until I was home that night and looking at these photos.

My sweetie pie Grandma!
We fixed the part I had messed up, phewf!
Hi, Grandma Mae! 
Grandpa says. "Don't waste your film on me!"
All sewn together!

I love it.

There ya have it. That's all for now. I hope to finish it very soon! Have you ever tried our hand at quilting? How did it go, and can I see some photos/hear some deets? :) 
This weekend is graduation weekend at SCS! So there are a lot of festivities about to go down. Baccalaureate tonight, with a grad party afterwards for Logan, (Jacksons little brother) and then graduation tomorrow night. My good friend Tara is graduating and I can't believe it! That was me a year ago. Oh, and there are lots of parties to go to, which means free & delicious food! Looking forward to it :) Also, Don Pablos is reopening, and Jackson is beside himself!! This is his favorite restaurant ever (We love Mexican) and I'm sure we will be there sometime this weekend, if not twice. Oh! Best news! Monday is Memorial Day, aka everyone is off work! Wooohoo! Have a great weekend, friends! 

xoxo Ness.

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  1. Seriously looks amazing! Wish I knew someone who knew how to quilt!


  2. aw, it turned out great!!! i love when grandparents say that, ha. too funny!!
    xo TJ


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