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Most recent of me & mom. Pretty sure it's the most embarrassing too!
My mama is the sweetest lady, I tell you. This mother's day she was out of the country, in Canada, celebrating with her mother and six siblings! We sure missed her here. It was so weird not being with her on the one day of the year, besides her birthday, that is designated for her! 

She has always been the one lady I really look up to. Not only is she beautiful, as you can see, but she is kind, patient, loving, compassionate, silly, fun to be around, generous, and just an all around amazing person! I realize how blessed I am, to have a mother like her. I know a handful of people with mothers that have passed, or aren't around, or aren't so nice, and I truly can't imagine how that feels.

Here's a story about my mom that I told my class for an assignment in English, junior year.
A long time ago, when I was young (maybe 7 or 8) and scared of my own shadow, I remember driving in our white mini-van out of the Save-A-Lot parking lot by the bowling alley on Fruitville. We saw a homeless man on the sidewalk, trying to ride his bike, with blood gushing out all over his face, all over the place. I prayed, (I PRAYED!!.. how awful is that?!) 'Pleeeeease God, don't let her notice him!' and what do ya know, she noticed him! We pulled over and she got out to help him, bandage him up, pray for him, and offer him some help. Now, why would I want her pass him by? Because if you read earlier, I was stinkin baby; I was scared of everything, especially homeless men! But seeing my mom pull over that day and help that man spoke to me, for reals. She didn't care how he smelled, how he looked, what he had done to become homeless. But that man needed help, and my mom was equipped to give him the help he needed! This story is one that always sticks out in my mind of selflessness and compassion. My mama is a true example of both. 

So happy mother's day to my AMAZING mommy who just got back a few hours ago! So good to have her home! I love you mom! 


So in other news, besides missing mom, it was a grand weekend! 

We had a birthday dinner for Andrea Danielle, who turned 14 (Dad cooked for TEN people on his own! He is awesome!). I just can't believe she is so old already! We can butt heads sometimes, but I just love and adore her, really. She is so sweet.

I went to the beach with Maggie & Jackson on Saturday, then got to play challenger baseball in the afternoon. Challenger baseball, in Venice, is a baseball league for mentally and physically handicapped kids and adults. The youth at church went to 'play against' them, and it was amazing experience! I was buddied up with a 29 year old man named Josh, who had some mental & physical disabilities. He was sooo sweet! I got to wheel him around the bases in his wheelchair after he got a hit, and I pushed him so fast! I thought it was the normal thing to do, cause I figured since he can't run, why not push him really fast? I guess it looked like he was about to fall out of the chair to everyone else! I wasn't worried though, he had a seat belt ;) When we left, we got a picture together with the "Best buddies" trophy that we won, and he gave me a big hug and kiss (on the cheek, to Jackson's relief). He also didn't forget to remind me that he got, "3 homeruns, and 3 singles!!!!" I definitely wanna go back soon! Everyone needs to experience Challenger baseball! 

That night, after baseball, Jackson & I, along with Lauren, Micheal, & Clarke, went long boarding in downtown Sarasota! It was so. much. fun. The streets were way smooth and it made for an easier ride! We hit up some parking garages, which was a challenge! I need more practice. There ended up being a big festival downtown, which we thought was cool...It was called the Harvey Milk festival. We totally expected free samples of milk everywhere we turned! We thought it was a festival of milk.....

........Until Sunday at lunch after church. We went out with Ed & Coleen, and they mentioned that they had been downtown for dinner the night before. And they began talking about the Harvey Milk festival, about how dumb and weird it was. Why? Harvey Milk is (was?) a man, a gay rights activist! Ahhhhhh.... what the heck... we were at a gay rights festival and didn't have a clue! How scary is that? We didn't participate or anything, just walked through. But how did we not notice? Its so sad that its becoming so normal in our society, that we didn't even realize what was going on around us.

Apologies for the book I just wrote. I am enjoying the blogging thing way too much! haha. I feel like I'm writing in a journal or something, but this is so easy cause my hand doesn't hurt at all! 

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. With YWAM updates.... get excited ;) 

xo, Vanessa

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