Men of Compassion

For my DTS, (I'm taking a guess..) there are probably about 20 students right now that are wanting to apply and go/already accepted. I am one of the accepted and I am going, Lord willing! But, out of the 20 students, every one of them is female! So, our leaders have called on us students to pray that God will bring men of compassion to the school with us! I guess quite a few people at YWAM Newy have felt the urgency to pray that the Lord would send at least 10 men to the school! So please join with me in prayer as we ask God for this. Spread the word and let everyone, men and women, know all about the YWAM Compassion DTS! You never know who God will use to bring people where He wants them! 

Here is a neat video that YWAM Newy put together, calling on men of compassion! Check it out :) 


In other news, Sean Rodriguez threw me a baseball last night at the Rays game. I feel so special, out of all 100 people at the game... haha.
(It was a Monday night game. Usually there are lots more peeps.)

But really. I still can't believe it happened! 

Lets do some Pinterest-ing tomorrow, okay? 

xo, V

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  1. aw, you are absolutely beautiful! and you should feel happy, even if there were only 100 people there ;)
    xo TJ


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