Fundraising: Movie Night

One can assume that getting to Australia is gonna take a lot of benjamins, right?  Right. And one can assume that a 19 year old girl who just graduated high school isn't gonna have a lot of that, right? Right.......

....That's where fundraising comes in! Along with lots of nannying. But this is about fundraising! I have been SO BLESSED already! 

In March, my mom came up with a brilliant idea... hosting a movie night in our backyard, with popcorn, candy, and snacks for donation! So we jumped on it, and showed the movie Courageous on a big screen projector from church, in my backyard.

Designed by the lovely Alyssa Shrock!

Awesome popcorn machine borrowed from Dean & Kim Snyder!


For the first movie night, we invited friends and family who were down from the north for spring break. It was a great time! I was able to share my story with everyone, about how God led me to Newcastle, what He has been doing in my life, how I plan on acquiring the funds needed to go over seas, etc. It was an awesome opportunity for the people who wanted to donate towards my trip to get to know me, and know what to pray for. That nights donations totaled to just under $1,000! I was blown away by the generosity of my family and friends! 

Two nights later, we decided to host another movie night. Since we had all the stuff already, we figured we might as well! I opened it up to anybody via a Facebook status, and 4 people ended up coming, as it was raining! But when we were ready start the movie, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared for a beautiful night! 2 of the 4 people who came that night were my boyfriends parents, CJ & Jill. Jill told me that that day she had been cleaning with her friend Karen. They have a cleaning business. I guess Karen said God told her that today she was working for the Lord, as in the money was not to be kept for her, but to go where He wanted her to give it! So she willingly agreed. She wasn't sure if it was to go to her church, or what. Later, when they were all done cleaning, Karen asked Jill what she was doing that night, and Jill told Karen about my movie night and what I am doing. Right then and there Karen figured out that this is what God wanted her to donate her money to! Me. Jill said she also wanted to donate her days wages to me. For a total of $300!! When Jill told me this story I was amazed! God is so good! I was SO blessed by these two wonderful ladies, all because they listened to the Lord and followed His commands. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! 

So anyways, that was the thought that had slipped my mind from long ago and I wanted to post about! I have a few more fundraisers up my sleeve, hopefully to come soon! I am so excited about what God is doing! I know He will provide for me because I know this is what He wants me to be doing! And man, oh man, that is a good feeling.

Have a wondrous weekend, I have no idea whats goin down! 

xo, V

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  1. That is amazing Vanessa! Hopefully I'll make it to the next one!



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