Dropping a Pinterest Bomb: House & Home

As promised... I'm Pinterest-bombing you today! Get ready. 

Here's something you may not know about me: I love interior decorating. Like really. I don't know when it really started.. maybe it was the time my parents small group from church got together for dinner at someones house. Instead of playing with all the other kids, I remember walking around the house, taking in every bit to remember for one day, when I would have a home of my own. I also remember being at the bank with my mom at one point, and ripping out pictures from the Better Homes and Gardens to take home with me to put in my ideas folder... So sneaky. Eventually I had to just subscribe! ha.

So as high school was nearing the end,  going to college and getting a degree in Interior Design definitely crossed my mind many, many times, but it just didn't feel right. And that was because God wants me in Australia! Eventually, I would love to fill my free time with decorating; my own house, and maybe other people's houses as a business. I trust the Lord will eventually let me know what He has planned for me :) 

Anyways.. Here are some of my favorite home pins from my pinterest. I have four board dedicated to all things house and home... They are for my future homesomeday bedroomkitchens!, and exteriors. I guess the last one doesn't really count because it's the outside of the homes. I love homes all-around, but specifically the insides :) My cousin once asked how I would describe my style, and I didn't really know. I still don't really know, thanks to Pinterest, but i would take a stab at eclectic and clean lines, which are pretty opposite. And organized! Ohhhhh organization.
Here we go.. there's a lot... 

Love the spot for the dog.. no fleas in my bed!

Glass cabinets are pretty and would motivate you to keep everything organized!
Loving mint in kitchens.
I have numerous pins with this heart photo collage over a bed. I love it.
Loving the fun above the doors, and the wood floors, and the awesome light fixture!

LOVE the symmetry!
How awesome are these wooden counter tops??!

Mint ceiling is sweet. 
Stuff made out of pallets : awesome.
Subtle prints.

Awesome gallery wall.
Coral. What's not to love?

100% my dream pantry.

This would be an awesome kitchen for a log cabin! 

Welp, I guess that's it. Sorry if I made you bored to tears, if this kinda thing isn't really your thing. I honestly didn't expect this post to be so long!

So I have church tonight! I'm singing with the band which will be fun. Our church has been joining up with another local church this week and the past two to watch a video series by Louie Giglio. It's super good! I'll find out what it's called and let you know tomorrow. I totally recommend it. 

Until next time..... xo, Vanessa Rae.

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