Dropping a Pinterest Bomb: Doing it Myself

Lets do some Pinterest-ing, shall we? 

I'm hopping over to my DIY and crafting board, where there's lots of things to make/do, but never enough time... BUT. Here's a few things I have found on Pinterest that I have had time to try! I wish I had photos of my finished products. I will have to remember to do that from now on!
I did this to all of my friendship bracelet string... Can you say organization?
I once attempted a game day dress, but it wasn't as perfect as I had hoped.. I blame it on the sewing machine, not the seamstress! ;) My friend loved it and actually goes to USF, the college I made it for, so I gave it to her!
I DIY-ed some purple & white flip flops like these.
I made this buttoned frame for two different wedding presents last year. Loved how they turned out! 

Urban Outfitters Quilt, this was my inspiration for the quilt I started!
I helped my sweet friend, Lauren, do this easy craft so she could ask her friends to be her bridesmaids! This is the girl that I just planned the bridal shower for. I'm her maid of honor! Eeeeeek!
Used  this tutorial  to make a few headbands for new babies in the family! Even made one for myself... ;)
This photo inspired me to paint the silhouette of a buck with a Bible verse for my dad for his birthday.
This photo inspired Christmas presents for a few of my friends this past year.

I have done this as gifts MANY times... Never disappoints! :) 
I did this with the boys I nanny for... They loved it and so did their mom! She framed them and has them hanging above their beds :)
I made 4 of these scrabble coasters and glued them together to make a cup holder for Jacksons desk! It was fun to make them spell out meaningful words for us.

Okay, I actually have a lot more, but this is all for now. Isn't Pinterest great? I never realized until now how much it has helped me out!!

What are some of your Pintest-ing adventures?? I'd love to hear :)

Heading to the beach.... c:
xo, V. 

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  1. HEY! the button letter was for us! & we love it:) Thanks

    1. Court! I'm so glad :) I loved making it for you lovebirds!
      xoxo V

  2. Loving these pins :)
    And I just graduated from USF this month!


    1. Jessica, that's awesome! My boyfriend goes there! :) Are you still in FL? I'm an hour south of Tampa.
      xoxo V

  3. Love these! Take pictures next time you make something!! I'd love to see :)
    You're so creative!

    1. Thank you Candice! I hope I remember to do so :)
      xoxo V


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