Cause, Effect, and Currently

Today, I'm going to embarrass myself just a bit. 
"When do you not embarrass yourself?"
Is that what you said?
You know, you are right.
photo by Alyssa Shrock :)
EFFECT (bleeding lip!)
photo by Alyssa Shrock
These two photos are from the memorial day cookout the Harris household. Not sure what exactly happened, but Jack & I were sort of pushing each other around to get to the catch, and I was obviously about to get it, (wink wink) and the ball hits me in the face. Oh, about the face I made.....? I don't even know what to say. Except that I should stop doing stuff like that so I stop making faces like that! The second photo is the aftermath of the ball hitting my face... Bleeding lip! I was talking to Alyssa  after it had happened without realizing that my lip as bleeding, and there was just blood all over my teeth. Yummy. Vampire, much?


And now for the 'currently' part of this post, which is totally new and adventurous, rightThis blog that I follow, (though I have NO idea how I found it) always has 'currently' posts for me to admire. Today I decided to jump and do one myself. Here goes... 

Obsessing over MY CAMERA THAT HAS A FLASH THAT WORKS! Thank you, boyfriend, thank you thank you thank you! {I have a Nikon D40 that I love. Then one day in Costa Rica the flash stops working and I'm so sad. THEN almost a year later when I'm about to pay $250 to have it fixed finally, or much more $$ just to buy a new camera, or about $80 to buy a clip on flash, my loving boyfriend decides to Google, 'How to fix flash on Nikon D40.' A day later, it works!! And I couldn't be more excited. Honestly, I teared up. Man I love that guy.} 

Working on finalizing details on a quilt raffle to benefit my YWAM trip! More on that soon :)

Thinking About next week.. How I'm about to start full-time at Detwiler's now. Not sure how I feel about this! Also, Jackson starts his internship with Target on Monday! Super excited for him :) 

Listening to songs that have ukuleles in them. I picked up Andreas uke this weekend and have been teaching myself to play. It's addicting!  

Wishing for lots of things! {1}That the money needed for my trip would come in quickly so that I can be able to enjoy and relax the last few months I have before leaving. {2}That we (some of the other girls on the DTS and I) could figure out our plans for before the school starts so I can make my travel arrangements! {3}More time to enjoy the beach! I love Siesta more and more each time I go :)

Now that wasn't too bad, huh? If I was an experienced blogger, I would invite you to make a currently list today along with me, and to link up. BUT, I'm not at all, and I really have no idea what that even means.

HAPPY HUMP DAY, as they say. 
xx VW

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  1. You're adorable. Love this! So incredibly you.


  2. I am definitely jealous of your new camera. When you get done with that, I'm your girl! Your blog is absolutely adorable. I would love to hear about your mission trips! Where did you go? It is like my DREAM to go to Kenya. Love your blog!

    Come visit me @ we & serendipity

    ♥ xoxo.

    1. I think you just inspired some new posts... :) I went to Haiti twice, and Costa Rica last summer. Going to Haiti again this summer!

      xoxo V


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