Can I Ask You a Favor?

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Will you take a bit of time out of your day to pray? Pray for my new friend Laura from Kansas, whose mom is not supportive of her going to YWAM Newcastle this October. Pray for their relationship as a mother and daughter that it will not be strained, but strengthened, and that the Lord's will would be known and done! Also, please pray for my new friend Callie from New Hampshire/West VA as she was in a bad accident this morning and her car was totaled. :( Being able to go to Australia this October is looking next to impossible right now money-wise with all the new expenses that come with accidents. Pray that the Lord will provide abundantly for her if this is where He wants her. Both of these ladies are awesome, along with all of the others who will hopefully be joining me in October! Please keep us all in your prayers :) God listens and answers! 

xo, V.

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