{On Being a Shining Bright Light Door Holder}

So in yesterday's post I told you I would let you know about the Louie Giglio series we did the past 3 Wednesday nights at church, and I'm sorry to say I got nothin for ya. Sorry about that! I'll just tell you what it was about though. 

Have you ever heard of the movie, We Are Marshall? It's a really good movie! Came out a couple years ago I believe. So in the movie, a whole college football team dies, in a plane crash. (I think?!) And everybody is so so so sad (obviously). And they get a new coach, or something... I don't really remember, it was awhile ago! But I do know that they yell "WE ARE.... MARSHALL!" because they get better at football and overcome this hardship, win some games, come out stronger, etc. Sorry if you're totally confused and that made no sense. I bet it didn't at all. 

But basically Louie said used that as an example. They were so proud to be from Marshall, and they let everyone know. As Christians, "WE ARE.... THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!" So how do we show the world our light? Instead of putting it inside the church up at the front of the stage for the congregation to see, it's supposed to be outside, on top of the church, for the whole city to see! Whats the point of hiding it? I get a mental image of my church, Bay Shore Mennonite, with literally a huge bright lamp on the roof. That gets me giggling every time. But we are the light. The body of Christ. 
Try to imagine a giant lamp on the roof. Now giggle a little bit. I promise I'm not weird..!

Also, as the light of the world, we are to be servants. Also known as "doorholders" by Louie. By being a doorholder, I have already known and experienced the incredible love of Christ, and I know there are many, many people who haven't. So I will hold open the door to let all the unreached flow in, letting myself in last, because I have already tasted and seen, and I want those who haven't to get a front seat! When I went to Passion 2012 this past January, (read about ihere!) there were people everywhere with bright green shirts on the said "door holder" I was so confused as to what that meant until Louie explained it!
One who serves others with a relentless commitment to lead people to Jesus

Isn't that awesome? The door holders at Passion 2012 had been to the Passion conference in earlier years, and so they volunteered their time to help with the conference, so that others could have the taste of the goodness of the Lord and see His amazing works at these conferences. 

I love that. I want to be a door holder! In the church, everybody should be a bright light shining door holder. How's that for a job description? ;) 

A lot of the video series, Louie was talking about his own church, Passion City Church, and that kinda didn't pertain to us at all. Other than that, it was a great inspiring series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Maybe if you try to google it, you will find it? Maybe I'm just a bad googler? 

What are you up to this weekend?Andrea Danielle Wittmer turns FOURTEEN tomorrow, (I can't believe it!) I'm working at the market tomorrow from 7:30am-3pm, (not bad at all) and Jackson will be back tomorrow from his NYC road trip he took with some college buddies. Can't wait to see him! Mother's day is this Sunday, but my precious mother is in Canada visiting her lovely mother. We will just have to celebrate her when she gets home Monday :) Thanks for reading. Have a great one.


UPDATE: I forgot to say this on yesterdays post... It was my blogs one month anniversary! Big event, right? I just want to say thanks for reading, whoever you are, and that I am really enjoying this, in case you can't tell. You are the best, and I love you. 

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