Photo Week: Youth Street/Warehouse

Hello! As you may have expected, I HAVE MORE PHOTOS FOR YOU TODAY :) There are from YWAM Newy's website. You should really check them out. Their website is what sparked an interest in their school, after all ;) If you missed the other two photo week posts, you can find them here and here.

SO. These photos are of the warehouse, also known as Youth Street. Obviously, I have never been here. But from what I understand, YWAM Newcastle bought a warehouse just a walk down from the Lewis House. They turned it into offices, and boy do they look awesome! Also, every Saturday they put on Youth Street. Check out the link, because I don't know how exactly to explain it... But I know I can't wait to be a part of it! Secretly I want to learn how to surf ASAP so I can be on the surf team ;)

Anyway, here they are! Take a look!

Doesn't it look so fun? 160 days ;)
xo, V

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