Photo Week: The Lewis House

You made it through Monday! Happy Tuesday! :) 

I have a neat-o story to share today- something that happened last night! Then we will get on with day 2 of photo week! Did you see yesterday's post with photos of the beautiful city of Newcastle?? :) Check it out here. Today's photos are of the Lewis House! More on that later. 

So last night I went with my friend Lauren to a Monday night church service thing called The Front. I had been before and it's a totally Spirit-led awesome service. We had worship and then this guy gets up to speak. He was from YWAM (Kona, I think) and kept saying how God is using YWAM in crazy ways in every nation and that the prayer movement and missions are 'kissing' right now, lol, and that we need to be praying like crazy whether we are out doing missions or doing them at home. He also talked about Circuit Riders, which is a new 2-week training school with YWAM. They're having one in Orlando this summer, and about 5 others around the country as well. It sounds awesome. But it was really cool to hear so many awesome stories about YWAM and it got me even more stoked than I already am! (Is that even possible?!!) 

Then later this lady named Michelle Tellone (She works for the Joy FM) got up to speak; she had an awesome story. This guy that was originally from Sarasota calls Michelle up and asks her to go to Australia to the YWAM base he works at to be the speaker for the week! My heart was going crazy because I thought she was maybe talking about Newcastle! But it wasn't Newcastle, it was Brisbane. Still super cool though! It's a media/music/dance/art kinda DTS. She said God kept telling her that He's going to give these students the keys to the nations so they can be able to reach and touch hearts using media/entertainment. So she went out and bought all these neat old skeleton keys and we prayed and prayed over them. She is going to give one to each of the 65 students in the DTS. Such a cool experience! Then later she went on to say that God is doing CRAZY things in Australia! The people there are so hungry and their hearts are soft, ready for the word. I was later introduced to Michelle and I told her that I'm doing a DTS in Newcastle, Austraila. She was so excited for me and said she would pray for me! It was so encouraging to hear awesome stories and promises from God that I have to look forward to! Only 161 more days :) 

Here are the photos of the day. Again, they're taken from YWAM Newcastle's media page. These are photos of The Lewis House. I think- but I'm not sure- that The Lewis House is where all the YWAM DTS students sleep and eat. I think it used to be an old hostel. I think it's soooo cute! :) I believe there is also a lecture hall there, so I will most likely be spending a lot of time here! The last photo is a screenshot I took. It's the street view of the Lewis House from Google Earth! How neat is that???...........(Well that's pretty neat!!) Why yes, I do like to reference You Tube videos every now and them. Check out my about me...

Make today a great day. That's an order.
xo, V.

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  1. That's so cool. That place has so much character!


  2. Vanessa, I found this video on youtube! A total tour of Lewis House :)

    1. I love it! It looks like the best place ever! I can't believe we will be there in 5 months! Thanks Morgan!! :)

      xo, V.


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