AHHHHH such exciting things happened this weekend! First of all, the day after the post about outreach locations, I found out what they are!!! And there are some pictures from my Pinterest, for a little taste of these countries :) 

Location 1: LATVIA & MOLDOVA! 
Where in the world/what in the world are these places?! Europe. Western, I believe. If the Lord leads me to choose Latvia & Moldova, the I would spend half of 3 months in one country, and half in the other. If I'm remembering right, these countries have soooo much human trafficking going on. Apparently, in Moldova, over 50% of the country is trafficked! IN. SAN. ITY.  

What? Outreach in Australia?! Yep! If the Lord leads me to choose this outreach, I would be spending 3 weeks in Australia, loving on the Aboriginal tribes of Australia! How cool is that. And the rest of the time would be spent in Thailand! So cool, right?

Location 3: ................................................
Cannot be revealed until more students are accepted! I have no idea where it could be.. I guessed Tahiti, but they said no. So we will see :) I will be praying for more and more students, particularly men of compassion, as right now mostly women are signed up for my school! Please be in prayer for this as well! 

Okay so in other news, my weekend was great! Friday I babysat in the morning, and then took Cameron (my high school teacher's adopted Ugandan son) home to stay with our family for the weekend! He is SO precious. We just love him. My cousin Ryan, from Alberta, and his fiancee, Bobbi, were down for the day as they were having a vacation in Ft. Myers. We took them to Siesta Key beach for a few hours and came home for a steak dinner. It was so good to see them again! I really miss all of my Canadian family, we don't get to see them often. If you are reading this and you qualify for the 'Canadian family' category, I really love and miss you! 

Saturday I worked an 11 hour shift at Detwiler's... It was a longggggg day. But once I was done at 8 I got to meet my best friend Sarah at Applebee's for dinner! It was SO GOOD to catch up just the two of us! I love that girl. We seriously laugh non-stop when we're together! Thanks for dinner,  Killer Miller :) We also said hi to Nicole at Orange Leaf and got some froyo. So delish! Here's a few photos of Sarah and I over the years. Keep in mind we were younger here...Cut us some slack por favor! 

Sunday was church! I sang with the worship team for youth Sunday, and during prayer and sharing time I felt God telling me to share about the outreaches! So I did, even though I was soooo nervous and shaky. But I think it was a good thing.. A lot of people came up afterwards hugging me and asking questions, telling me they are so excited and will be praying for me! Also.... here's something AMAZING.... Over the past 3 weeks in the offering, there has been a total of 1,110 dollars donated that are designated towards my trip! I can't believe it! I am so so so blessed and have the best church family anyone could ever ask for. I love you all! 

Sunday afternoon I went to the school play with my sisters! We had fun, and the play was Alice in Wonderland, (Is that what it's called??! That doesn't sound right. Alice and Wonderland? I dunno..?) That evening our college group at church, called Ethos, had a pizza/movie night at our sponsors house. We watched RED and it was super fun!

Late last night was the best though.. I ended up group video chatting on Google+ with 4 other girls who will be going to Australia with me in October! Annie, Haley, Laura, and Mariah! It was sooo fun and I loved getting to meet these girls! We talked for a long time and got along great! I'm so happy God is crossing our paths! :) So cool how He works it all out. I think the screenshot below was Mariahs. We were having fun with the effects ;) 
Left to right: Annie Greene, Haley Atterbury, Laura Evans, Mariah Bargen, me. 
So hows that for a book? I guess I wanted to write so much cause my weekend was so rad! I don't know what/when I'll posting on here now that photo week is over.. I guess you will have to check back often and see! :) 

Have a great Monday. Make it funner than a basket of monkeys! I'm going to go with Jackson's parents tonight to pick him up from college and get him moved back home! SO EXCITED cause I haven't seen that hunk in 15 days! 

xo, V. 

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