Outreach Locations Coming Soon!

Okay, so I guess photo week is over! Only 3 days, whatevs! I guess when I get there I can take lots of photos to post to here for all to see :)  You can find the three posts from photo week here, here, and here!

But..... I do have something super exciting to say! The Newcastle Compassion DTS Facebook page announced that they have the outreach locations! And over the next 2 days they will be revealing all 3 (THREE!!) of them to us. I can't wait!! :) Dieuwke, our leader, asked us to take guesses as to where they are. I guessed Spain and Africa, (wishful thinking!) but I am just excited to go anywhere! Dieuwke said that my friend, Laura from Kansas, is close! She guessed 'Germany and Brazil! Or Papa New Gueni and London!' I can't wait to see which one is right! There are a ton of places I wouldn't mind going.. ;)

I love this photo. Pinned it to my going places pinboard on Pinterest. When I first saw it, I remember thinking, 'Why not?'  I don't wanna just look at Florida all my life... The beach gets old. JUST KIDDING. I love Florida, but I am so ready to see the world! 

What are you up to this weekend? I'm babysitting, family is coming in for the day from Canada, (yay!) and my Saturday will be spent working 9-close at Detwilers! Oh, and I have a date with my best friend, Sarah Marie! She is back from her first year of college! Wooohoo! Have a good one.

xo, V.

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  1. oh wow, spain and africa sound absolutely perfect! keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    xo TJ


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