Just a Little Passport Talk.

Happy Thursday! One more day left and it's the weekend! :) I nanny Monday-Thursday, so my weekend starts tomorrow morning! 

My current passport in the holder I made it for the trip to Costa Rica. Awful cell phone photo, I know! Wow, that's really bad. 

Speaking of tomorrow morning.... I am going to go down to the County Clerk, (I think?) with my mom, to renew my passport! Yay! My passport is due to expire Feb 2013. Why would I renew it now?? Well, when I go to Aussie, my passport can't expire during my time there, of course, but also six months after the trip ends. Silly/strange/dumb/weird. That's what I think about that. 

I was going to wait until after I go to Haiti this July to renew my passport, but I just got all the info I need to apply/buy my visa. And I can't do it with a passport that is soon to expire! 

Once I get my passport, (hopefully within 2-4 weeks!) and buy travelers  health insurance, I can apply for my Visa!! Woohoo! Not sure about the health insurance details yet though.. Why oh why is it so much work to go live abroad for six months?!?!? Oh well. It will be so worth it!

Please pray everything goes well tomorrow morning with my passport... I don't know why but I'm really scared. Sounds silly, but I just am, okay?! Plus please pray my picture turns out good! Wow, is that awful & vain-sounding or what? I just don't want to have an awful picture on my passport for years to come.. When I go on trips, everyone's all like, "Let me see your passport picture!" And the one I have now is from 7th grade and so embarrassing. Anyone who has seen it can agree with me, haha. I'm sure I'll hate it though, however it turns out. That's just me :) 

This weekend I'm going to Disney with Jackson, his mom Jill, and Chaewon &Whijeong, their Korean exchange students! It's going to be a blast! Can't wait to see how they like it. What are you doing, friends? Have an awesome weekend.

xoxo Vanes.

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  1. Hello cute girl...I know your picture will be perfect! What am I doing this weekend? Uuumm cleaning the house while you are having fun at Disney. :)


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